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>>>>end of year thoughts>>>>

Posted: October 30, 2005 by piusranson in Uncategorized

dis year is pretty fast ….and 2e1 will remain in our minds forever..the moments we shared together is simply POWDERFUL! regardless whether it is happy moments sad moments.We went thru them all together ..created a poem :

2E1′ 05

We are a bunch of funny pupils out there
to make teachers laugh till they roll.

Everyday is an interesting day for us
each day , full of ups and downs

Goodbye my dear friends, brothers and sisters
for our golden precious moments have passed.

I will always treasure your love for me
embracing me where courage ends.

Each of us must climb seperate mountains
to achieve what we can achieve.

And! From what i can see
WE still have a long way to go!

There are no words to mark my gratitude
Like shakespeare? Impossible!

And for the teachers i must say
they are the sculptors of our lives

Guilding us with their guilding light
WE must never forget them!

I shall end my words for now
and may whomever u believe in,