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First Day of the CNY

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WoKe up in the morning around 8a.m den me and my sister realise it is too late to go to the mass at the church of the risen christ. So, we went to HolyTrinity instead. We took a taxi dere, thinking that we are later for the eng mass. When we reach there, again we realise that the mass is actually 9.30am and not 9am we waited lor…okok. Around 9.20 we went in to sit in the front row. Mass started at 9.30am. Father Bruno was funny..haha. Mass ended at 10.30.

Then my sis and i walk to the bus interchange, and took bus 72 and bus 119 to my Maternal grandparents place. My parents and brothers are already there. Once we reached there… recieved ang pao from my grandmother and auntie irene ..lolz…then some relative came …den also giv angpao….so little money sehz..hahaz…Den for lunch my sister cooked cereal prawns…haha..den got roasted chicken, roasted duck…and wadsoever…

After lunch…at about 3pm, my family went over to my paternal grandparents place. Den recieved angpaos again….den we took out a pack of cards , went over to the kitchen table, and stated playing. My brother was the banker…den me…den I LOST MONEY …around 10 dollar bahz….BASKET! ..lolz….okok…den play all the way till abt 7pm

Den we went to junction 8 golden village…at first most wanted watch “fearless” but realised is NC16!!! So nvm lor…i go watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” This show is superb manx…when i sae superb…i meant superb! It is damn nice! My given ratings ” 8/10″

This show is about a young little girl named chiyo, being sold away by their parents to a geisha. Geisha is some sort of artistic and skillful, talented women but also some sort of High class prostitute. They are meant to please men. So chiyo tried escaping many times to run away with her sister, satsu, but failed.

She is made use of by Hatsumomo, who was a geisha of the house she was sold to. Hatsumomo made her scapegoat many times..and she was punished/tortured. Because of breaking many house rules, she was reduced to be a slave.

She once met this man, the chairman of the Osaka electric factory, This man cheered her up and bought a dessert. From that day, she yearned much to be a Geisha. The man gave him money, which was enough to buy a years supply of rice. After the man left, Chiyo went all the way to the temple, and throw all the money into the wishing well. She wished to be a Geisha one day and to meet that kind man.

Finally a women, Mameha, bought chiyo over and groomed her into a geisha. She learned how to be a geisha. It is a culture for a geisha to sleep with one man before she becomes a FULL geisha. And chiyo, also known as Nitta Sayuri, became a legendary geisha with her beauty. At last she was together with the chairman.

“Memoirs of a geisha” is a rather complicated story. But overall a good movie.


Malaysian in Space

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Malaysian in Space

Dr. Mahathir was about to send the first Malaysian rocket into space.

3 potential astronauts were called for an interview – one Indian, one Malay and one Chinese.

Dr. M interviews the Indian first: “So, Muthu, this is a dangerous mission… how much do you think you should be paid for it?”

Muthu thinks to himself and says, “1 million ringgit.”
“Why so much?” asks Dr. M.
“Nowadays toddy wery expensive, Datuk…” replies Muthu.
“I see,” said Dr. M. “Thank you… please ask the Malay guy to come here.”

So the Malay walks up, and is asked the same question.
“Uh… 2 million boleh lah,” replies the Malay applicant.
“2 million? That’s a lot of money! Even the aneh before you only asked for one million!”
“You see, Datuk,” explained Mat. “I have 4 wives and 15 children…so, 20 of us in the family, we need a lot of money to support ourselves…”
“I see,” said Dr. M. “Okay, can you ask the Chinese guy to come up here now?”

The Chinese guy comes in and Dr. M asks, “Ah Chong, this is a dangerous mission… how much do you think you should be paid?”
Ah Chong thinks for a while, and suddenly says, “3 million.”
Mahathir is shocked. “WHAT?!?! 3 million? Why so much?!”
Ah Chong beckons Dr. M to come closer, and whispers, “One million you keep, one million I keep, and then one more million to send the aneh into space.”


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This morning…woke up at 9plus bahz…den have to do spring cleaning….clean clean clean….tiring siaz…..clean until 1p.m den sleep all the way till 5.30pm. woke up….den continue clean clean….but clean so much…also wont be 100% clean de lar…so…i think is just wasting energy lor..hahaz….den bathe again….prepare for tt reunion dinner…which is held outside Blk 829’s coffeeshop

Cuz my mother dunnoe how to prepare reunion go outside eat lor….Paternal side and Maternal side all come and eat together…2tables….cost about $476 bahz….BUT THE FOOD QUALITY AND SERVICE SUX!…FOOD LIKE SHIT LOR…..never am i gonna eat there again!

Den finish liaoz…everybody went home…den…my mummy daddy and me..den go seven eleven buy doggie foodie lor …den someone call my name….guess who…yeah…its S …hahaz….at first i tot see wrongly…hahaz..den..later..confirm ler…is she..hahaz….den walk back home….the route home is so ULU…no people de…den reach home…walk TV…use comp…till now lor…okok..stop here


Ah soh’s Jokes

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Jokes For The Day

Ah Soh wants to buy a TV set. She goes to a shop.

Ah Soh : “Do you have color TV ?”

Salesgirl : “Yes !”

Ah Soh : “Give me a green one, please “


Ah Soh is filling up an application form for a job.

She supplied the information for the columns on Name, Age, Address etc.

Then she comes to column on “Salary Expected”

She is not sure of the question.

After much thought, she writes ” Yes “


Ah Soh goes to a store and sees a shiny object.

Ah Soh : “What is that shiny object ?”

Salesgirl : “That is a thermos flask.”

Ah Soh : “What does it do ?”

Salesgirl : “It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold”

Ah Soh : “I’ll buy it”

The next day, Ah Soh goes to work with her thermo flask

Boss : “What is that shiny object ?”

Ah Soh : “It’s a thermos flask.”

Boss : “What does it do?”

Ah Soh : “It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold”

Boss : “What do you have in it! ?”

Ah Soh : “Two cups of coffee and a coke”


After taking photocopies of documents, Ah Soh always compares
it with the original for spelling mistakes.


Ah Soh always smiles during lightning storms because she thinks her picture is being taken.



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Wooots…Gracious goodness, goodness gracious. Why do i have to write on topic. Such a difficult title. okok. Here it goes… …

Gracious would mean to be kind, gentle, courteous, compassionate, charming, beautiful. If you are someone whose personality is all of the above. You are G.R.A.C.I.O.U.S ! Well, for me, i have not really met anyone in my life who is very very gracious.

You might have often heard of the phrase, ” God is Gracious”. In this particlar phrase it actually would meant that ” the Almighty one” is merciful, forgiving, regardless of religion or race.

Gracious would also mean to have a pure heart. Gracious heart. Sensitive in recognising others’ needs and putting them above ours; understanding; being considerate; instinctive kindness or deliberate effort to make another person feel better; inspire and increase the confident and self-esteem of another person; to lessen another’s suffering; compassionate; to unselfishly bring joy and happiness to others who needed them; to generously and tactfully share with others what you know; above all, strongly understanding of the feelings of others.

Gracious is often described on dancers. “Dancing so graciously” heard before? This would mean the dancer dances elegantly, beautifully. Are you the gracious one?

Gracious would also meant being Kind and courteous. Giving up your seats to pregnant ladies, young kids on buses, trains. Helping the blind man crossing the road? Yeah!

Gracious means being understanding. Understanding as in, putting oneself into another person’s shoe and understand what and how they are feeling.

Gentleness is also Graciousness. Gentleness would be used to described people who are soft-spoken, and not very arrogant.

Generosity? Yes! Its also Gracious. Generosity, would meant to be generous which means to donate money? Yes, its part of the word gracious. No matter how much you donate is still the heart that counts.



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Another boring day for me…i woke up late this morning, haha..overslept…den…carry those idiotics thick thick bookS to school…so heavy LOR…*toot*Reached school…den assemble…after assembly…den….go back class….Teacher haven come yet…at that time i was telling myself …” Please…dun let Mrs tan come…dun let Mrs tan come” LOL….too the end she came…hahaz…den…physics lesson…slept for awhile..without the Ms Neo noticing..haha…den recess time….den….den…for eng..we go…library…go find some ideas for the fundraising project..LOL…den came the boring mother tongue lesson…den…for do worksheets lor…after finish sch den go eat lunch….during tt lunch time…went up the hall to see what is happening…got chinese dancers there…boring also..hahaz…den…go for biology lessons….den…end…den go home…den bathe….den eat…den sleep….den tuition…den…until now lor….

"Ray of Light"

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Well.. “Ray of Light” is a fund raising charity concert for humanitarian trip to cambodia, to give help and relief to the needies over at cambodia. This was organised by the St. John Ambulance Brigade, Zone 2. I was there at the concert last sunday, 15January2006.

Hmm. That concert was a so-so one. Of course we cant expect a fund-raising concert to be that grand right? Haha. MYWSD was there too. She was the backstage crew. She managed to “steal” some 2 dollars worth, commemorative booklet, for us.

There were quite a number of singers who came to sing, but i guess they are unknown to most of us. There is only one singer which i know, and he is marcus chin, at first i didnt know he can sing that well. He sang that “hao han song”, damn powderful manx…unbelievable. okok enough about him.

By the way, the concert’s chinese orchestra is a joint orchestra by the temasek secondary CO and the temasek polytechnic CO.

The last part was wierd. All the singers came out to sing the final piece. Then the bloody audience go shout encore. Alamak! Hear them sing one more time. After the concert, “we” went to meed D, den eat mac, den go home, ~ HOME SWEET HOME ~