"Ray of Light"

Posted: January 18, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Well.. “Ray of Light” is a fund raising charity concert for humanitarian trip to cambodia, to give help and relief to the needies over at cambodia. This was organised by the St. John Ambulance Brigade, Zone 2. I was there at the concert last sunday, 15January2006.

Hmm. That concert was a so-so one. Of course we cant expect a fund-raising concert to be that grand right? Haha. MYWSD was there too. She was the backstage crew. She managed to “steal” some 2 dollars worth, commemorative booklet, for us.

There were quite a number of singers who came to sing, but i guess they are unknown to most of us. There is only one singer which i know, and he is marcus chin, at first i didnt know he can sing that well. He sang that “hao han song”, damn powderful manx…unbelievable. okok enough about him.

By the way, the concert’s chinese orchestra is a joint orchestra by the temasek secondary CO and the temasek polytechnic CO.

The last part was wierd. All the singers came out to sing the final piece. Then the bloody audience go shout encore. Alamak! Hear them sing one more time. After the concert, “we” went to meed D, den eat mac, den go home, ~ HOME SWEET HOME ~


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