Posted: January 27, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Wooots…Gracious goodness, goodness gracious. Why do i have to write on topic. Such a difficult title. okok. Here it goes… …

Gracious would mean to be kind, gentle, courteous, compassionate, charming, beautiful. If you are someone whose personality is all of the above. You are G.R.A.C.I.O.U.S ! Well, for me, i have not really met anyone in my life who is very very gracious.

You might have often heard of the phrase, ” God is Gracious”. In this particlar phrase it actually would meant that ” the Almighty one” is merciful, forgiving, regardless of religion or race.

Gracious would also mean to have a pure heart. Gracious heart. Sensitive in recognising others’ needs and putting them above ours; understanding; being considerate; instinctive kindness or deliberate effort to make another person feel better; inspire and increase the confident and self-esteem of another person; to lessen another’s suffering; compassionate; to unselfishly bring joy and happiness to others who needed them; to generously and tactfully share with others what you know; above all, strongly understanding of the feelings of others.

Gracious is often described on dancers. “Dancing so graciously” heard before? This would mean the dancer dances elegantly, beautifully. Are you the gracious one?

Gracious would also meant being Kind and courteous. Giving up your seats to pregnant ladies, young kids on buses, trains. Helping the blind man crossing the road? Yeah!

Gracious means being understanding. Understanding as in, putting oneself into another person’s shoe and understand what and how they are feeling.

Gentleness is also Graciousness. Gentleness would be used to described people who are soft-spoken, and not very arrogant.

Generosity? Yes! Its also Gracious. Generosity, would meant to be generous which means to donate money? Yes, its part of the word gracious. No matter how much you donate is still the heart that counts.



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