First Day of the CNY

Posted: January 30, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

WoKe up in the morning around 8a.m den me and my sister realise it is too late to go to the mass at the church of the risen christ. So, we went to HolyTrinity instead. We took a taxi dere, thinking that we are later for the eng mass. When we reach there, again we realise that the mass is actually 9.30am and not 9am we waited lor…okok. Around 9.20 we went in to sit in the front row. Mass started at 9.30am. Father Bruno was funny..haha. Mass ended at 10.30.

Then my sis and i walk to the bus interchange, and took bus 72 and bus 119 to my Maternal grandparents place. My parents and brothers are already there. Once we reached there… recieved ang pao from my grandmother and auntie irene ..lolz…then some relative came …den also giv angpao….so little money sehz..hahaz…Den for lunch my sister cooked cereal prawns…haha..den got roasted chicken, roasted duck…and wadsoever…

After lunch…at about 3pm, my family went over to my paternal grandparents place. Den recieved angpaos again….den we took out a pack of cards , went over to the kitchen table, and stated playing. My brother was the banker…den me…den I LOST MONEY …around 10 dollar bahz….BASKET! ..lolz….okok…den play all the way till abt 7pm

Den we went to junction 8 golden village…at first most wanted watch “fearless” but realised is NC16!!! So nvm lor…i go watch “Memoirs of a Geisha” This show is superb manx…when i sae superb…i meant superb! It is damn nice! My given ratings ” 8/10″

This show is about a young little girl named chiyo, being sold away by their parents to a geisha. Geisha is some sort of artistic and skillful, talented women but also some sort of High class prostitute. They are meant to please men. So chiyo tried escaping many times to run away with her sister, satsu, but failed.

She is made use of by Hatsumomo, who was a geisha of the house she was sold to. Hatsumomo made her scapegoat many times..and she was punished/tortured. Because of breaking many house rules, she was reduced to be a slave.

She once met this man, the chairman of the Osaka electric factory, This man cheered her up and bought a dessert. From that day, she yearned much to be a Geisha. The man gave him money, which was enough to buy a years supply of rice. After the man left, Chiyo went all the way to the temple, and throw all the money into the wishing well. She wished to be a Geisha one day and to meet that kind man.

Finally a women, Mameha, bought chiyo over and groomed her into a geisha. She learned how to be a geisha. It is a culture for a geisha to sleep with one man before she becomes a FULL geisha. And chiyo, also known as Nitta Sayuri, became a legendary geisha with her beauty. At last she was together with the chairman.

“Memoirs of a geisha” is a rather complicated story. But overall a good movie.


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