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Oh gosh. Another tough topic. Well, here it goes.

Song. Thinking of the word song, i will think of those catholic mass songs. Hmm. These songs are peaceful, meaningful and well, i love it.

Songs can be of many many different type of category. Jazz, Rock, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin. Too much to be named. Different type of songs have its own unique way of it being created/sung/performed.

Songs may serve a purpose of relieving stress. You might have probably heard from elsewhere that musics actually relieves stress. Well, that is true. I have done that before!

I myself prefers old song and love songs. Some latest/modern songs, is definitely not pleasant to my ears. Old songs have its originality. Love songs have its sentimental feeling and sentimental value.

Some lyrics of that particular song are really very meaningful, if you take time to analyse the lyrics.

Some people have passion for singing, that they are really crazy about singing. I have friends who are that crazy.

The government have created opportunities for people to showcase their talents. For instance , we have Singapore Idol.

Some of the songs in which i like are songs sang by aerosmith, Cliff Richard, Nat King Cole, Bread, Gloria Estefan etc.

S.O.N.G. Let me think of a patriotic acronym for it ” Singapore Oh! No Good! ” This sounds bad. ” SINGAPOREANS OH! NEVER GIVEUP ” Haha

Songs can appear in different languages. Latin, Malay, English, Spanish, Portoguese, and maybe in your own created language? Why not, nothing is impossible.

You can listen to songs through radios, the internet, and probably some in which are played with an musical instrument.

Well, i guess everyone’s first song that he or she listens to when he/she is born, is ABC!


Deus Caritas Est

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“Deus Caritas Est”, which means,” God Is Love” is the Theme laid down by Pope Benedict XVI. It reflected an emerging focus of his first year of Papacy.

God is good, God cannot be shut out of personal and social life, and God reaches out to humanity through Jesus Christ.

Hmm. Pope Benedict seems fierce right? So everyone was expecting some stern rules in his Papacy. But he is actually a very philosophical guy. Well, May god bless him in bringing glory to the world.

Well last sundae. There was this Priest, Father JoHN bOScO, just transferred from Nativity to HolyTrinity. Well, i learnt three words from him.


Perseverence..persevere in no matter what you do.
Humiluty.. Accepts humiliation…
Prayer.. Pray to God and believe in him.

This are my principles for the time being LOL

~ God bLesses EverYoNe ~


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What exactly is kenosis? Kenosis is actually the self-emptying of god, himself. He lowered himself to us. God is not about power, but service. He is not god of prosperity, but about poverty and service. Once a priest was asked this by a man,” why must i love god, when god doesnt solve all my problems.” The priest replied,”Are you married?” “Yea” answered the man. The priest then said,” Does your wife solve all your problems? If no, why do u love her and is married to her at the first place?” Definitely God is not about power. Take this example for instance:” When the devil tempted God to use his power, Jesus is saying NO to the temptation of Power. And therefore, The Devil Leaves him because Jesus leaves the temptation.

Christ discarded his divinity, the moment he took humanity. Since then everything on earth is blessed. Nothing in the world is not blessed. If some things were blessed, and others are not. SEPERATION WOULD OCCUR. Example: If there is this temple, and this temple is blessed. Then, only someone with religious authority can enter. But because everything on earth was blessed, We can move ourself closer to god. Blessings is there for us to open our hearts to god, and not for us to seperate things which are not blessed and things which are blessed.

A letter from St. Paul to the Corinthians ; 1 cor 9

For though I be free from all
men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more.

For the weak, i make myself weak, to save all mankind.