Deus Caritas Est

Posted: February 13, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

“Deus Caritas Est”, which means,” God Is Love” is the Theme laid down by Pope Benedict XVI. It reflected an emerging focus of his first year of Papacy.

God is good, God cannot be shut out of personal and social life, and God reaches out to humanity through Jesus Christ.

Hmm. Pope Benedict seems fierce right? So everyone was expecting some stern rules in his Papacy. But he is actually a very philosophical guy. Well, May god bless him in bringing glory to the world.

Well last sundae. There was this Priest, Father JoHN bOScO, just transferred from Nativity to HolyTrinity. Well, i learnt three words from him.


Perseverence..persevere in no matter what you do.
Humiluty.. Accepts humiliation…
Prayer.. Pray to God and believe in him.

This are my principles for the time being LOL

~ God bLesses EverYoNe ~


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