Posted: February 16, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Oh gosh. Another tough topic. Well, here it goes.

Song. Thinking of the word song, i will think of those catholic mass songs. Hmm. These songs are peaceful, meaningful and well, i love it.

Songs can be of many many different type of category. Jazz, Rock, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Latin. Too much to be named. Different type of songs have its own unique way of it being created/sung/performed.

Songs may serve a purpose of relieving stress. You might have probably heard from elsewhere that musics actually relieves stress. Well, that is true. I have done that before!

I myself prefers old song and love songs. Some latest/modern songs, is definitely not pleasant to my ears. Old songs have its originality. Love songs have its sentimental feeling and sentimental value.

Some lyrics of that particular song are really very meaningful, if you take time to analyse the lyrics.

Some people have passion for singing, that they are really crazy about singing. I have friends who are that crazy.

The government have created opportunities for people to showcase their talents. For instance , we have Singapore Idol.

Some of the songs in which i like are songs sang by aerosmith, Cliff Richard, Nat King Cole, Bread, Gloria Estefan etc.

S.O.N.G. Let me think of a patriotic acronym for it ” Singapore Oh! No Good! ” This sounds bad. ” SINGAPOREANS OH! NEVER GIVEUP ” Haha

Songs can appear in different languages. Latin, Malay, English, Spanish, Portoguese, and maybe in your own created language? Why not, nothing is impossible.

You can listen to songs through radios, the internet, and probably some in which are played with an musical instrument.

Well, i guess everyone’s first song that he or she listens to when he/she is born, is ABC!


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