ACS(I) 5th Life Sciences Symposium

Posted: March 3, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

It started off when i got released during Mr. Jae’s english lesson. Then we went to have our lunch in the canteen, before we moved off to meet Mr Kenneth Tan. He was supposed to book the london Cab. But it turned out that we booked 2 comfort Taxi to our destination, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), 121 Dover Road. Monica and me shared a cab, Yongkeong, Ron and Mr Kenneth shared another. We reached there first.

When we reached there, Mr Kenneth reported to the registration counter, before moving into the auditorium. Sat in the auditorium for about 30Minutes before the whole ceremony started. The Principal of ACS(I), Mr Ong, went up to give a speech. The Guest of Honour, Professor Edison Liu, Director of Genome Institute of Singapore, also went up to give a speech.

Professor Liu is born is HK, educated in the US. He went to many many university. He gave a presentation on, ” EVOLUTION “. It includes, Homo Ergaster, Homo Heidelbergensis, Homo Erectus and of cause Homo Sapiens, commonly known as HUMAN. After the speech of Prof Liu, is the prize presentation. Mr kenneth and Yong Keong went up to take out certificates.

After this Prize Presentation, the usher, who was assigned to us, brought us down to the “canteen” to have a drink of something. We decided to start off our tour of the Life science symposium earlier.

We went to our first station,” Crime Scene Investigation “. The students explained how they uses different method of identifying suspects. Fingerprint matching, blood samples. We learnt about twins, Fraternal Twins(Non-identical) and Paternal Twins(Identical). Learnt DNA. They have this machine called the PCR ( Polymerase Chain Reaction ) to duplicate DNAs for sampling. This machine seperate the Double-helix structure to get two seperate strands. Then they used on strand as a template and duplicate millions of them.

Microbes Alive. Learnt about Bacteria and how it works. The medicinal value all these. Bacteria produces Anti-Biotics. But Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria. Superbugs, are bugs which are resistance to antibiotics.

FroG Dissection. Interesting! The presenter at the station showed us the dissect from and tell us the process of dissecting from. First take a needle and poke it up the neck, then mess the brain up, insert the needle into the spinal cord and BREAK IT! DEAD. However, the interesting thing is the heart is still pumping. The heart of the frog is an organ by itself, so it works its own way. The frog that was dissected was a female as the liver is much much more larger than the male’s. And the eggs could be seen. The eyelid of the frog is transparent, so as to protect them from underwater.

The space worm. Newton’s first law. Newton’s law of gravity. Showed us the making of a MIGHTY BEAN. And it is so easy to make one lor. If we buy one mighty bean outside, it cost us 6 DOLLAR. Cheat money sia.

BioMedical equipments. I tried on their BP set, very precise. And their Muscle Stimulation test. I have normal muscles. haha. that Muscle stimulation machine send electricity to the muscle and they calculated the reaction time. I am normal. There was this guy there, who showed us Magic in Science. Unique!

Terrarium! Another interesting things. It maked used of a air tight container. First put in Sand, then u put the plant inside and then you add some water, and then u closed it tight. The plant will photosynthesize, water vapour and oxygen and carbondioxide, is given out all the time and then the water vapour condenses on the container, the plant can make use of the water again. It goes like a cycle.

Hybridization. Crosspolination and SelfPollination. Interesting too! Too many things to sae abt the Symposium! IT ROCKS TOTALLY!


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