_:TEARS:_(Narrative Essay)

Posted: March 7, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

It started two years ago. Back then, Jessica was in her secondary four life. She was to take her ‘o’ level examinations that year. She did not care about it. She went out every single day. Leaving home in the day and returning back late at night.

Her parents were too tired to control her. Jessica took the examinations too lightly. Far too lighty. She did not think of the outcome that will happen to her. Many of the counsellors had counselled her before, but, to no avail. She just wouldn’t listen. A stubborn girl, she is.

Finally, the days of her ‘o’ level examinations arrived. For that whole week, she merely revised through some notes. She told her friends,”The most, i fail and retake”. After each particular paper that she sat for, she started worrying. She did not complete much of the questions. She, herself, knew that now it was too late to be scared or worried about anything.

The ‘o’ level papers finally came to an end. Many of Jessica’s friend went out to have a celebration. Jessica could only stay at home, thinking of the outcome. She prayed real hard every single day, till the day of the release of the ‘o’ level results, in February the following year.

The day that everyone had been waiting for finally came. On the way to school, Jessica contined praying. People around her all joked and laughed. These increased the fear in Jessica. After the short principal’s speech, the teachers started handing out the results.

Jessica recieved hers’. She did not make it tears started welling in her eyes. The surrounding went silence. The sky turned dark. That was the moment where she truly regretted not studying hard enough for her ‘o’ levels. She blamed God for not answering to her prayers. She realised what she had done to herself. She cried for a total of 7 day, non-stop. She truly regretted … …

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