SJAB-GG-NPCC Combined Annual Camp 2006

Posted: March 20, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

SJAB-GG-NPCC Combined camp? SJAB-GG only combine with NPCC for that campfire night.

Well i was the Group Instructor for the group BONKERS! Hahah. okok. On the First day of Camp, SJAB and GirlGuides actually went for DragonBoating. It was Fun indeed. Our destination for our dragonboating was at Kallang that part. Well some seniors/officers lik Sharon and LiYu didnt get to dragonboat as they didnt pay for it. TIC says so. Ridiculous right?

This guy called Jason, was the boss of the “SAVA”. He briefed us on the dragon boating. as all of us were first-timers. I went with the EFFY group. We went off being the first to move off. I am the timer. Shout till no voice lor. Haha. We had some kinda “Race” between different boats. I guess my boat didnt win. Haha. We played the “ROCK-A-BY” alot of times. Its so fun. I was so wet after the whole thing.

Dragonboating allows each and everyone to build up teamwork. Which i thought was a very good activity though.

We didn’t stayed overnight for the first night. We went home. Came back in the next morning. The 2nd day is the day we went for hiking. Our hiking is in PULAU UBIN. In my life Hiking is always at P.UBIN. Boring ARH. At First supposingly, our group, BONKERS, is the leading group. But because of one high tide, we cant move. Make us become the 2nd or 3rd group instead. lolx.

The night of the second day is the Campfire Night. SJAB-GG-NPCC sang many many CAMPfire Songs. Haha. Everygroup must have its own campfire performance. My group did a stationary Dance to the tune of “Dragostea Din Tei” LOLx. I had night sENtry duty that night. Slept for about 1 hour plus. At first, i tried to act hero, dun sleep. But when i lie down on tt Netball court, straight away deep sleep 1 hr. LOLx.

The next day we had the Games. The telematch. Well, Many things on BALLOONS. DOTZ. blow until throat so dry lor. After games, we were about to go home. We had our final PHOTO TAKING session, by ZHONGMIN. lol. Thats about it!

Question: Should we have another combine Camp ???
Answer: YES!
Explanation: It help foster friendships, Build up relationships among peers and many many more!


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