Posted: April 7, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

” Write an essay based on HAPPINESS “

Happiness is what everyone of us yearns to get. Isn’t it?

She was raised up in a wealthy family. She need not fret over what to eat or what to wear. Catherine was often see having a frowning face. Nobody knew why. There was something missing from her life. But she did not know what it was.

During Catherine’s secondary school life she met a guy, Sebastian. From that onwards, they went out together, fearing being found out by their parents. Their relationship lasted until one day. Catherine and her family was having their dinner. Her father then suddenly told her that she is going to marry a guy, a son of a wealthy family. Catherine’s father expected her to be happy. She was not. She cried and ran back into her room. Her father was shocked. He was not very happy aboout that.

The next day, her father went asking her what actually was going on. Catherine honestly told him about Sebastian. Her father learned that Sebastian was a poor guy and not someone from a wealthy family. Her father told her she have to marry someone of the same family status. That was a family tradition. She scolded her father for not giving her happiness. Her father had no choice but to let Catherine marry Sebastian. Catherine, for the first time experienced true happiness from then on.


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