090406 Passion Sunday

Posted: April 9, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Today, the church celebrates Passion ( palm ) Sunday.This day, the people proclaimed him the king. They welcomed him with palms and exclaiming “Hossana!” It marks the start of the holy week. Easter Sunday is next week.

Woke up at bout 10 in the morning, ate lunch, and leave the house for the Parish at 12pm. The church was very crowded. i went to the desk to take 4palms. Went up and sit near the choir again. The passion reading was very long. We had to stand for 10 mins like that. Very tiring indeed.

After mass, took a bus down to PRIME supermarket to meet Samantha, Meiyi and Deli. We went to buy our stuff for INE project. We also went to buy cards for Mrs Kavitha who will be left us just now at 8.30pm.

After that, Samatha all these people have to go back home. So i slowly made my way to Tanah Merah MRT station to wait for the rest who are going to the airport to send mrs Kavitha off. Reached the airport at 7 bahz. People from 3e3 who went are: Samantha, Ranson, Mei Yi, DeLi, YongKeong, Ron, Delaila, Tiffany, Suhui and of cause Sharfirin!!!!. LoLx. Alot people was there sia. Its lik as if we are sending off a movie star. HaHa. Mrs Mohan and Mrs Haniff was there. Took many many pictures.

HahA. YEAHHH!! now pass 12am liaoz….so todae is HOLY MONDAY!. May almighty god bless this week as we prepare for easter!


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