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Miracle Menu!

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May the Thirteenth

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In the morning, i went to my grandmother’s place. Before that, my sister and me went to hougang mall ntuc buy some food went to pet lovers’ centre get some treats for FRIDAY! He is a DOG! haha. so went to her house. Fridae was soooo naughty. I now den know he knows how to shake HAND AR! Ate my lunch there too. NO RICE. CUT DOWN ON CARBO!

Aww.. so erm after about 2 plus PM, we went back taking 72 to Church of the Holy Trinity. My Sister was a sponsor for the RCIA. Supposingly i was to wait for her till 5plus. But she said i could join i went in to sit! The priest introduced them. Father Johnson Fernandez came out saying he was 35 going 36. Everybody laughed. My sister then tell me, Fathers when they entre priesthood, they muz count their years from there. So i understood. After dat is the Refreshments. SPRINGROLL. i ate 3. so nice lor. chat here chat there. After when we was about to go back, the R.C.I.A Co-ordinator came talking to us. She told me i could help in the coordinating of the RCIA programmes every saturdae. I was so happy. AND U NOE WHAT! She told me she see me having the potential of a CATHOLIC PRIEST! well, i ever thought of that! She told me to be prepared to stay in the seminary for 7 YEARS! She would pray for me. Thank her so much manz.

After that my sister and me went to watch a movie in Tampines Mall. POSEIDON! Movie quite thrilling and alot blood scenes. Out come was so expected. Very thriilling indeed!. Well after the movie it was 8, we walked home. Thats the end of the dAy! GloriaInExcelsisDeo!

My Baptism Cert

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Finally scanned in my baptism certificate!