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Understanding the "Da Vinci Code"

Posted: July 10, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

**Have you read the book ? or watch the movie?**

Some fiction and mistakes in the book!

^^Dan brown calls it the DA VINCI CODE. Leonardo Da Vinci is known as Leonardo. He had the da Vinci behind is because his hometown was called VINCI. Leonardo da Vinci is suppose to be ” Leonardo of Vinci. So its quite ridiculous to call the book “da Vinci code”.

1. Is tt mary magdalene who sits at the right of Jesus at the Last supper painting as stated in the book?

The person who was on the right of jesus was St. John. In olden times, Young men had rosy cheeks and long hair and always mistaken for a women.

2. In the book, Robert Langdon was described as a Harvard university professor of symbology, so whats symbology?

Unfortunately, the fact is, there is no field of study in Harvard with symbology.

3. Langdon says the MONA LISA is really religious, being an anagram of the pagan god Amon and his consort Isis.

This is brown’s failure to even check the encyclopedia before make false claims. Leonardo never called the painting the “Mona Lisa”. He called it the ” La Gioconda”. The title mona lisa comes from Giorgio Vasari’s biography of Leonardo da Vinci, published thirty one yrs after his death.

** Brown make use of real life items and characters and create a new story abt them to attract readers.

Please ask me if you have doubts on anything on the da vinci code.