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Medicine Medicine and More!

Posted: August 26, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Last Tuesday, i went to see the doctor cause my eyes got stye. It was at Green Cross Medical Centre. I waited for the doctor for like 2 hrs? While waiting i still got time go eat chicken rice. Finally, my turn! I went in with my sister. Doctor tell me i got stye then tell me dunnoe wad put hot towel. He precribed some medicine for my eye and for my skin. ALL together, my medicine cost SIXTY EIGHT DOLLA. One day take 12 antibiotics, 2 anti-itch pill, 2 painkiller. Scary sia!.
ok, well, the doctor tell me . No CCA or PE until 31st December. Ok la. Sounds reasonable. But i expect it to be longer. Haha. He gave me one day leave from school. Haha. Medicine got side effect de lor. Either you feel lik vomiting or you have diarrhea. Oh well. That doctor say if about 5 days, still haven ok, come back to him. He will cut it for me. I ask him why cannot cut now on the spot he say, he say see how it goes first lor.



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Farah and NDiY, Dunch worry, justice will be done!

This is my stand.
They are my wonderful classmates
They are innocent.
They are loved by me and the class.
They are cherished.
They are part of E3 Gang.
They will not be facing these cowards alone.
They are never alone because this family stands with them.