Halloween, All Saints, All Souls

Posted: November 3, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

31st October. Guess what? Its All Hallows’ eve, aka Halloween. Well this day is so called All Hallows’ eve because it is the day before All saints’ Day! I am not quite sure if there is catholic tradition behind all hallows’ eve. haha. Ok! All saints’ day. Hmm. Its definitely a day of celebration. Its also a day of obligation. That morning i stayed at home to study. Afternoon also same. Till about 3 plus?. I made my way to ANG mo KIo..den took 72 to Aunty Maria’s house. Cause i was too bored at home. So i went there early. IN the evening, we had dinner. LauTio indeed have a serious face and maybe abit naggy. But i know one thing for sure. He is better than my dad?. Right? Please give your views. Haha. I know my sister sure read one.haha. ok Den we went to St Anne’s Church. Had some prayers and rosary before mass. I think we were the only ones in the columbarium during ALL SAINTS DAY. hahaha went back at night taking 72.

ALL SOULS DAY- 2NOV. Well. Morning .. STUDY! …Afternoon STUDY! Den afterwhich, i go holy trinity. Guess wad?. i went for two consecutive masses. 6.30 and 8pm. You wanna know why? Ok..simple..im bored and hope i can get insights by two priest having two homilies..haha..enuff ler..tired..going to sleep..bye..


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