Pope’s visit to Turkey

Posted: November 24, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is scheduled to visit to Turkey. He is one that does not shy away from the controversy. During his speech on sept. 12 2006 at his former Regensburg University, He quoted from the 14th century Byzantine emperor. This Emperor criticized the Muslim for spreading faith by sword and also criticized the Prophet Muhammad. When Pope Benedict quoted this, i guess everyone wasn’t sure if he knows what he is talking about. Well, we know that his original intention wasn’t to criticize the Muslim. During Pope John Paul II’ Papacy, he was the first pontiff to visit a mosque in Damascus, Syria.

Pope Benedict’s visit to a largely Muslim will either help to heal the rift between the two major faiths of add fuel to the fire of religious intolerance. The news report that an escaped killer is on the loose to assassinate the Pontiff when he arrive in turkey, yet Pope Benedict XVI wasn’t at all afraid. The Pope even stated that,”Love is stronger than Danger””I am in the Hands of God”. So i guess everyone here should start praying a rosary for the the pope as his visit to turkey is approaching.


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