Posted: December 1, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

28th November 2006, well, took a taxi to Changi Airport T2, went to the check-in counters. But! Guess what? Economy Class was full. Luckily we had firmed seats. So, we were upgraded to Business Class, First Class cabin. The seat was spacious. The moment we entered the cabin. They start serving you. Unlike the Economy Class. Watched movies but due to the short flight to Vietnam, the movie have to stop halfway.

Got down the plane, went for immigration. After Immigration we took a taxi to the hotel. Cost about ₫73000 VND. Went to Ben Thanh Market, the night market…I don’t know whether to call the place clean or unclean. Theres this woman when talking to her, i saw ants crawling in and out of her hair. *puke*. Vietnam is Famous for the ‘Pho’, Beef Noodles. Not bad food. We had tours to Mekong River. The different Islands, they have unicorn island, phoenix island, Dragon island. Quite Fun though.

Went to the CAO DAI temple. Some religion in vietnam. This religion is unique, it had mixture of Roman Catholicism, Taoism, Buddhism. Went to Cu Chi Tunnels too! It shows the events of vietnam war, how the locals build small tunnels to hide from the Americans. Bought many shirts. Bought a vienamese hat. LOL..ok..i guess thats my trip. Short but quite fun


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