Five like five

Posted: May 14, 2007 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Its like five days ago when 2007 just started. Today is the 15th of the fifth-month, Anno Domini MMVII. Well, i hope thats the correct Roman numeral! My Mid-Year exams are finally over. Coming up next is the GCE Ordinary Level Mother Tongue Paper. Things are getting fast isn’t it? Real fast.

Catholic church aren’t engage in illegitimate proselytism. That i agree. Look at the world around us. So many “vulnerable” people, getting influenced by some society using unacceptable tactics. I said some.

After days of mugging. This my dad say i’m doing last minute work. No i’m not doing last minute work. Am i? Can you ever imagine someone doing like 20 over school papers and still failing additional mathematics?

Im now left with ONE charcoal. Wanna get some higher grade Frankincense. Anyone can buy me a thurible?

I remembered some time ago. When we were making noise and the Principal walks past and scolded us for being inconsiderate. But true. Why tit for tat? Why compare. However logically it is unfair to us in someways. Comeon. Mrs Oh, if you are reading this, email me! 🙂 .

Anyway back to the topic on amathematics. I realise in the past year(s), Junyuan secondary sets the toughest paper on earth. Weird. Why? Probably we have good teachers previously coming from good schools?

Its now the 2nd hour of the day and i am still not yawning. Body needs rest now. Thats for now.



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