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I shall blog about Life. Thanks Rachel 😉 LOL.

I still remember like 2 days ago, when Mrs Low took Medical Leave. There was this teacher. Her name is Mdm Chia.  I like her lesson, though she didn’t teach much. She made the class laugh laugh and laugh. It does make life and school more interesting. Isn’t it?

Then, Izwan was there mimicking most of her moves, especially the THREE points in studying science.  Well, approach Md Izwan if you wanna know more. He is a born entertainer manz. Although at times he sound like a clown. I NOE his Archilles heel !!! Wahahahahaha!

Yesterday night, K, S, K together with J, went to 898 to Slack  study our Father tongue O level Oral. We had some interesting topics though. K’s bdae huh 28.6 . He is so good at keeping quiet. No wonder he is so quiet in class tt day. He is hiding  sleeping i guess.

Today, we went studying again. With H. Later, we went Safra, to play pool! I’m noob. There at safra was  K,H,L,S,R,S,Y, and Y’s brother. Came home and now i am here!

Coming up next Tuesday, ORAL EXAMINATION. \



What great Joy

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What great joy it is to see people, both Catholics and Non-Catholics flocking to the Church of St. Alphonsus every Saturday.  Church of St. Alphonsus is commonly known to the people as the Novena Church. It conducts Perpetual Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Miracles happen there? Well, thats for you to find out.

The Novena Church is run by the Redemptorist Missionary or Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris – C.Ss.R.  What do we do during Novena? We sing hymns to our lady, we kneel down before the Blessed Sacrament, singing the beautiful Down in Adoration Falling or Tantum Ergo.

We have to understand that Catholics do not Worship Mary. We honor her because she is full of grace, conceived without sin. God choose her to become HIS mother and OUR mother. When the Lord is on the Cross, he told Mary,  “Behold your son ( john)”, and he tells John, ” Behold, your Mother”. God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are ONE. Jesus is God. Mary is Jesus Mother. Thus, Theotokos, Mother of God. Once, someone told me this ” There is no Logic”. Precisely, it shouldn’t be within Human comprehension. Protestants always refer to the Bible. They claimed there is so little written about Mary, thus we should not honor her. During Jesus time, do you think there is a bible? The bible is a Catholic book anyway. So, again, no matter how much the Protestants proclaim it their own, it remains a Catholic book, compilation of Scriptures written much later. What is important, is that we maintained our Apostolic Tradition, oral tradition, passed down from the Apostles.

Many people will ask, don’t you think you Catholics honor Mary? We will never do enough to honor her. Many Marian Apparition has occurred through the years. Even Muslims witness it.

On Saturdays, i will never be free. I recalled once when Mrs Quek was on her way home. I saw her, and she began asking me where i am going. I told her this, ” I am going to Novena, for Novena, in Novena. Well, to be exact, it is ” I am going to Novena(Place), for Novena(Act of Devotion), in Novena(Church). Today i was on my way to the Novena, when i saw Mr Silva! He was with his child, at the ATM. He is a Catholic.

Alright. Shall write again. Ciao!

Cantonese Mass

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It started when Waiyin’s Aunt is coming to Singapore from HK. She is a Roman Catholic and definitely needs to go for mass. Waiyin asked me for help, and i offered to bring them go. So, i went searching the archdiocese’s website for any Missa in Cantonese. Found 1. Sts. Peter & Paul Church, 2 p.m, 3rd level Chapel.
We met at City Hall MRT Station. There were her aunt, herself and her brother. We walked there. Mass started. Well, not entirely in Cantonese. The priest celebrates in Chinese, while the congregation responds in Cantonese.

Her aunt gave me this thing

Can guess what is it? At first i also don’t know what to do until i asked her aunt, looked closely and understood.

The Devil

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Living in the 21st Century, people aren’t acknowledging the presence of the devil, the evil spirits, Satan or sometimes called Lucifer, Beelzebub, Beelzebul.

When you tell the whole world that the Devil doesn’t exist, that is when he is most happy.

There is so many evil beings that when they are visible, they darken the earth, by blocking the Sun.

We must always remember not to deal with things like Magic, Ouija Boards, Sorcery, Black Magic, Occults. These things provide a so called “Gateway” for the devil in entering your lives.