Posted: June 29, 2007 by piusranson in Uncategorized

I shall blog about Life. Thanks Rachel 😉 LOL.

I still remember like 2 days ago, when Mrs Low took Medical Leave. There was this teacher. Her name is Mdm Chia.  I like her lesson, though she didn’t teach much. She made the class laugh laugh and laugh. It does make life and school more interesting. Isn’t it?

Then, Izwan was there mimicking most of her moves, especially the THREE points in studying science.  Well, approach Md Izwan if you wanna know more. He is a born entertainer manz. Although at times he sound like a clown. I NOE his Archilles heel !!! Wahahahahaha!

Yesterday night, K, S, K together with J, went to 898 to Slack  study our Father tongue O level Oral. We had some interesting topics though. K’s bdae huh 28.6 . He is so good at keeping quiet. No wonder he is so quiet in class tt day. He is hiding  sleeping i guess.

Today, we went studying again. With H. Later, we went Safra, to play pool! I’m noob. There at safra was  K,H,L,S,R,S,Y, and Y’s brother. Came home and now i am here!

Coming up next Tuesday, ORAL EXAMINATION. \



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