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The worst has yet to come..

Posted: September 21, 2007 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Preliminary Examinations are over. Results … soon.

Well, i don’t know why nowadays, denominations of protestant ‘churches’ are focusing on its external features like Titanium, etc. They call the place of worship, Auditorium. How can it be a church ?  Are they having fun or are they true on their worship ? A church is created out of the founder’s beliefs? hmmm.

How can they call themselves Christian when they do not acknowledge Christ’s Mother? Honor your Father and Mother!

Weird Weird Weird.



Posted: September 4, 2007 by piusranson in Uncategorized

O LEVEL EXAMINATIONS are stressing me out indeed! studying the whole entire day minus 8 hours of sleep. 24-8=16hrs.

Have you ever have an incident whereby you are studying one subject, but worrying about other subject and in the end you study 3 subjects in one hour? Gosh.

This is the only thing that calms me down.

Mother of Perpetual Help,
we come to you and place our trust in you.
You are a Mother of mercy.
You are called by all the refuge and the hope of sinners;
be then our refuge and our hope.
Help us for the love of Jesus Christ.
Stretch out your hands to us poor sinners.
We bless and thank God for giving us this confidence in you.
In the past we have so often sinned
but with your help we can conquer,
and you will help us if we pray to you.
In all our temptations,
may we always turn to you and say:
Mary help me! Let me never lose my God.