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Since the first lecture on the Principles of Accounting-PACC (not Principles of Accounts-POA), the subject gave me a very bad impression that i might not score in the Accounting Module. Probably this is not my type of subject. LOL. However, i did learn something today! Which is,


In fact it took me quite sometime to literally digest the whole idea. Yes, i admit i am slow. =D. Assets is whatever you own, Liability is whatever is going out, maybe a individual or another company. Owner Equity is just purely the Capital. The Tutorial 1 worksheet was somehow, okay. Question 3 was misread by David, he thought we only find the answer after calculating everything, which was not right as we have to calculate part by part. okok, actually i don’t know what i am typing.

The Quiz was indeed draining all the brain juices. I won’t call it tricky but i call it Weird. Is it weird or wierd? Ahh nvm. At one part it says, So and so buy this Building Site. Why can’t they just say land! I  think i got a 95% or something. Was alright afterall.

I agree totally that our bags we carry to the Polytechnic is far more heavy than our Secondary school bag. The Notebook i bought from Sch, actually weights approx. 2.78 kg. Carrying this wasn’t at all an easy task, especially today. Vin, Shin and me (ok sorry, the “me” doesn’t rhymes), went to Popular@SP, to get our textbooks. I bought the Economics Textbook titled, “Economics for Today’s World”. It cost me 28.50 bucks. As a matter of fact, i bought 2. One for the Class Rep. He gave me 50 bucks, and i should pay him 21.50 bucks. Am i right? If i couldn’t even get this right, i think i rather quit my poly education. LOL. Thus i was actually carrying 1 x 2.78kg and two thick Economics Textbook. I have to carry that from the Popular to the Dover Stn, into the train, without a seat, standing and travelling all the way to Tampines, dropped off the train, board the bus, walked home. Life is bad. =D. But well, this is life.

And because of this Not-So-Good life, i have broken my chain of Daily Mass. In the past, i go to the Daily Mass, and the Eucharist was like something special that i have to take every single day. Now, the week passes very slowly, and i have to wait for a Sunday to come, to have the nourishment.

Hopefully my chain of going Novena for Novena at Novena will not be broken again. Really misses the Adoration of the Blessed Sacament.

I still remembered last saturday, how i explain to people about my views Catholicism and Protestantism. Yes, i am a traditionalist, however i don’t oppose to Modernism in the Catholicism. However, tradition would still be needed to balance off the Modernism in Catholicism. Christian Unity with the Protestants? Protestantism is Heresy. My previous posts would explain this statement.

The respectable Muslim Community have already surpassed the Roman Catholic Population, as reported by the Vatican. Again, this is of no surprise. Lets not talk about radical Muslims. Muslim Families inculcate their faith in their children since their birth. Everywhere i go, i see a pious Muslim, never did i see any muslim, who knows little or nothing about their faith. Tradition plays a big part in Muslim. Yes, Muslims are a group of people i respect alot.

Lets all hope we will do well for Accounting! =D

Deo Gratias!


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