Interesting Question

Posted: May 3, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

I was never holy and holiness is something i want to achieve. I was never knowledgeable in Catholicism and have the desire to be as knowledgeable in Catholicism as i can.

Someone asked me a very very interesting question. “Why bring in Catholic doctrines, Code of Canon Laws, importance of tradition into a Catholic conversation when we just have to take care of personal spirituality, why do u need to sound so profound? “ (though that wasn’t how it was phrased).

Let me begin by telling you how i came back as a lost sheep in the Catholic Church. I wasn’t even active in the Catholic Church in the past. Neither did i go for Mass every sunday. I was a Christmas Catholic, a Good Friday Catholic. =D. Yes, in the past. My sister brought me to Mass, as supposedly Mass was an obligation for all Catholics. From then on, week by week, i became awed by the Mass. It wasn’t only the Mass which leads me back.

It IS literally the DOCTRINES, DOGMAS, CANON LAW, TRADITION, SCRIPTURE which captures me back into the Catholic Church. THESE ARE PARTS OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. If you want me to talk about Catholicism without stating these out, then i would say it is not Catholic.

These are the essence of the Catholic Church. Doctrines and Dogma GUIDES YOU in your faith. Tradition is something you can forgo? No way, without Tradition, will the Catholic Church still survive? Will the Roman Church still retains its APOSTOLIC ORAL TRADITION, that is passed down since the Jesus’ time, through the various councils and the Popes ? ?

Charismatics in Catholicism. Some people still fails to understand the need to balance it with tradition. I don’t oppose to Charismatics as it is seen as a way of Prayer. Thank goodness some Charismatic Catholics know how to balance it with Tradition. Just like Muslims, Would muslims still be muslims today if not for tradition ? This is how important tradition is, to retain the sanctity of Mass.

Is it wrong to tell people(catholics) about the various doctrines, dogmas, canon laws, etc ? Absolutely not. This is to GUIDE people.

In fact i got stunned with this guy’s respond.

As mother theresa says, “If you are good to others, others might think you are scheming, be good anyway”

Thus i make this conclusion, ” If you share things in Catholicism with other Catholics, people thinks you’re acting holy, be holy anyway”

And yes! Mr Roshan is a nice guy! He makes a good religious. =D.

In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti !


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