Life in the Polytechnic

Posted: May 23, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Polytechnics are the new JCs manz.

To everyone out there: You think polytechnic life is an easy life? Dream on.

Well, not sure of other schools but the School of Business @ SP, is for sure not an easy one. I’m sure most of my classmates agree. =). Maybe one or two who have low EQ, would disagree with me. I’m just wondering how some of the lecturers get their job. Assigning project work without themselves knowing what to do ? Hmm, if only i have the chance to talk to SB’s Director.

Every single morning, i have been waking up at 5.20am, reaching SP at 7.32am approximately. There was never a day which i didn’t doze off in the train. I believe that the train’s movement indeed have some therapeutic effect which induces you to sleep! Once, i even missed Dover station and ended up at Clementi Station. Anyway, my cell phone’s alarm doesn’t seems to be able to wake me up! It is always always my Dad who wakes me up.

Project work isn’t something that I’m used to and something that everyone likes. But do take note that projects would never stop until the end of three years. We just have to live with it. Have group members that you don’t work with you? Forgive them. Love them. Love each other as it is supposed to be. No one is perfect, isn’t it ? I realised i have been using alot alot of chinese these days. That is probably due to myself missing the chinese lessons i had last time. Absence makes the heart grow fonder hahahahahahahaha

The FOM project really sucks. Is this project suppose to be a one week project ? I pray that this project would get over very soon. I have been scolding my group members. I’m sorry guys. Hmm, there are several things that have to be done ASAP.

1) Fundamentals of Marketing, PBL 2, the Singapore Flyer.

2) Proposal for the Outing for HCA @ the Airport.

3) Character Development (Outing for the Patients @ HCA) Really looking forward to it.

4) Character Development Essay.

5) Last but not least, my Examination coming up after the three weeks term break. I have Exam-o-phobia.

I hardly have time to do things that i like to do.

 St. Gerard Majella, pray pray for me. Mary, purest of all creatures, Pray pray for me.

万福玛丽亚, 您充满圣宠。主于您同在,您在妇女中受赞颂,您的亲子耶稣同受赞颂。


求你宽恕我们的罪过,如同我们宽恕别人一样。不要让我们陷于诱惑,但救我们免于凶恶。 阿门








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