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What !?!?

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Yes, for the second time, the one who did the slides at Church of the Holy Trinity, spelt greek words wrongly. Yes yes, i know you people will tell me that spelling isn’t important. What is important is the Worship in Mass.

The Church’s language to speak in one voice. First time was that the (‘slides’ committee) spelt Christe, Christie. Just yesterday it spelt Eleison, Elieson. What am i suppose to do? Go up and correct them ? Teaching the Laity wrong stuff, is a very bad thing !

The Roman Catholic Church have the responsibility to pass on the correct teachings to the laity.

**This post is edited on the 27th of July. I actually mistook greek words for latin words ! Yeah the Kyrie is Greek.

Let us pray for Archbishop Emeritus Gregory Yong. Sancte Gregori, Ora pro eo!

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat ei. Requiescat in pace. Amen.



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Today, we will compare Catholicism with Islam. Not the typical comparing, but comparing on how Catholicism and Islam allow inventions/modernism change them.

The Catholic Charismatic Movement started not long ago. With the movement, comes Praise and Worship. Praise and Worship is a different way of praying to God.

The thing that Islam should be proud of, is that they DO NOT allow inventions/modernism to change them.

Try asking muslims to alter their Music and jumping up and down saying “God, I love You”. Yes definitely they will say yes if you are referring to personal worship. But doing that as a “Regular Practice” ?, I am quite certain that they will oppose to it.

Catholicism shouldn’t make “Praise and Worship” something “regular” in the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, once again, i wish to state that there is Nothing Wrong With PnW.

the Rosary

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Why the Rosary ?

Praise and Worship ?

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Praise and Worship in the Catholic Church. Acceptable or not? Pope John Paul II, introduced Charismatic Renewal Movement quite some time back. Yes, Praise and Worship is definitely acceptable as long it doesn’t interfere with the Mass, the highest form of worship to God. However, Praise and Worship must not become something identifiable to the Catholic Church. (I’m not sure if i phrased it correctly)

Hmm, let us put it this way. When we say, “Praise and Worship”, do you think of Catholicism or Protestantism first ? This question is rhetorical. =). But when we say “the Mass”, do we think of Catholicism or Protestantism ? We must never let “Praise and Worship”, be something close or higher to “the Mass”.

Is Praise and Worship wrong ? No. But in Praise and Worship sessions, people do have to tendency to “Speak in tongues”. Is Speaking in tongues wrong? No. If it is authentic gift of tongues, then it is alright. Indeed! It is inspired by the “Spirit”. We MUST be very careful which spirit we are talking about or dealing with. Personally, i will NOT encourage Praise and Worship because of the kind of music. These music shift our focus from God to personal enjoyment. It doesn’t happen all the time, but most of the time.

Similarly, if you, because of speaking in tongues, do not utter intelligible speech, how will anyone know what is being said? For you will be talking to the air. (1 Corinthians 14:9).

Speaking in tongues is not mere blabbering of unknown words. This, we must be careful. Diabolic influences are everywhere. The smoke of evil have spreaded intensely.

I once ask a Charismatic Protestant from an Independent Church, something like, “why do you think tradition is not important”, his responses is something like, “In this world, we need to keep up with the pace of time”. The very reason we need Tradition is because of HERESIES arising from everywhere. Tradition is to PROTECT the TRUTH. I seriously do not understand why do some people attends INDEPENDENT CHURCH, when the church (with the small C) is built on the FOUNDER’S beliefs. That is absurd. 

One more thing is, Praise and Worship’s music, SHOULD NOT be brought into Mass. It interferes with personal prayers. We need SILENCE.

Dear Protestants, Martin Luther honors Mother Mary as much as we Catholics do. But why are there not seeing the importance of Mary in their Faith ?






The Two Seas

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The homily yesterday was about giving and receiving.

In the holy land, there are two seas. The Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee. Both are fed by River Jordan. Buy why is it that the Dead Sea is a concentrated salt water lake which no living organisms can survive but the Sea of Galilee is of Fresh water, a home to many organisms?

The reason is because the Sea of Galilee not only recieves from River Jordan but also gives out the water. There is an inlet and an outlet. For the dead sea, It only receives, but never gives.

So is it better to receive, or to receive and also give ?


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How To Order So That The Auntie-Auntie Can Understand What The Hell You Want:

McDonald’s Meh Donner
Big Mac Meal Mee Mare Mew
Happy Meal Hair Pee Mew
French Fries Flench Fly
Filet O’Fish Feese Burger
Mushroom Burger Mus-sloom Burger
Chicken McNuggets Meh Narget
Big Breakfast Bee Blare Fers
Hot Cakes Whore Cakes
Orange Juice Or Leng Joo
Apple Pie Apper Pai
Upsize Up Sai
contributed by: Edwin & Howard© 2000. All rights reserved.

Serving the Community at HCA Hospice Care

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It all started with this Character Development module where we had to do a compulsory community service of seven hours. So i sourced for a few organisations like Assisi Hospice, HCA Hospice Care. Yes, i searched for hospice intentionally. I, too, think that there are more people who are willing to work with children rather than working with the aged or rather the community that have terminal illnesses. HCA Hospice responded first, with Jacqueline on the phone i think. Assisi Hospice took quite some time for them to respond to me. Mr Max, the volunteer coordinator, then emailed me asking us if we can help them plan an outing for the patients, which i thought was quite interesting. The only problem i had then, was Location. West Coast Park sound like a good place, thus, the committee recce-ed WCP. Though not a very good location, but that was the only place i could think of.

HCA then emailed me a very good location, the AIRPORT! Yes, the patients wanted to visit Terminal 3, as they haven’t got the chance to do so. The Airport is a Wonderful Idea ! So on the 15th May 2008, we recce-ed the Airport !


And so, i came out with the proposal. Tried to insert the pictures into the proposal, but realised i couldn’t send a file that huge ! So i sent the proposal without the pictures. LOL.

After several liasing with HCA Hospice Care’s Day Care Coordinator, Ms Eileen, the committee made a visit to the Hospice. A Hospice is a health-care facility for the terminally ill that emphasizes pain control and emotional support for the patient and family. When we visited the patients there, we realised how NORMAL they looked. Though not an official Community Service, the committee sang for them! I went up to sing the Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars. =)). At that point of time, i was afraid that my class will not sing/cooperate with me during the activities part at the Viewing Gallery.

12 June 2008. The day whereby we conduct our CIP. We were assigned one patient to one student. Initially YaQi was paired up with Mdm Asmah. I changed with her, hoping that will solve the communication problem. YaQi’s english isn’t poor btw, i think she got the same grade as me. Mdm Asmah, during the outing, shared with me that she is a Filipino Muslim who marries a Local Muslim. Some of her relatives were at Phillippines while some are at Britain. She has got nose cancer and brain tumour i think. But i think she is a really strong person. She told me how weak she was in the past with very very poor appetite. But now at lease she can walk! At the viewing gallery, we sang quite a number of songs. I would say that this outing is successful. Though the activities part wasn’t planned very well. =)

I really wish i could go back and help the people at the hospice. If i wait till the next holidays, i’m afraid the ones we met have passed on. Mrs Tan told me the need to get the hospice’s chop on every person’s CIP form two days ago. So yesterday, i made another trip to the hospice. The patients were singing karaoke. I got the forms signed and went back home. =)