The Camp

Posted: June 2, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Lets begin with Friday.

For lessons, i only brought my Accounting textbook (which i thought was important), econs worksheet and A4 size papers. The whole bag is filled with camp stuff. I brought soap, shampoo and toothpaste for WeiRu, myself and Huahan. They didn’t thank me 0.0 LOL. Just Joking. After our last lesson which was Fundamentals of Marketing, we went to assemble at this place near the Rock-Climbing wall.

Marked our attendance and realised we three are posted to different groups. Wasted time, waiting for people. Hua han was doing something he knew he shouldn’t be doing. Found out that we have to call our seniors by nicknames and not their real names. Didn’t really know why. The food at the camp wasn’t bad at all.

The first few activities are ice-breaking activities like introduction, etc. It took quite a while. Following that was the part where we had to construct our “cue”. In the end, it was lost. Once again, we wasted time. After dinner time which we ate Bee Hoon, we had nightwalk. Wasn’t really planned properly though. We were told that they could only send two by two for the nightwalk. I started getting suspicious. haha. Before leaving for the nightwalk, they told us Ghost Stories. Didn’t know whether to believe. =). One of the campmates, scolded the GL for not planning properly. During the nightwalk, we had people scaring us =.=. Thank goodness it wasn’t scary at all. LOL. Red bridge was of my interest! Didn’t see anything there 0.0. Yes we were afraid. At night, our GLs told us that the Air-conditioner wasn’t working. We were told to sleep at the multi-purpose hall if we want. After bathing, Hua han and Weiru was like playing their PSP. I didn’t bothered. lol. It was ard 6 am where we started sleeping. I seriously don’t know how time passed.

On the second day, we had WATER GAMES! The pool is like freaking dirty. Singapore Poly do ALL KINDS of things in the pool. You name it, they did it. LOL. Didn’t smell chlorine. Halfway through, we had to go into shelter due to the weather. Once again, we wasted time. Played Simon Says. I got forfeited ! Grr. What am i thinking !? LOL. Following that we were suppose to play some games over at the stadium. Weather doesn’t allow us, thus we were given free-and-easy time. Once again, wasted time. After dinner, we had disco night, followed by a SECOND nightwalk. This was not planned, but we requested it. Ice is a good leader i thought. Slept slightly earlier than the previous night.

Morning came. We were of cause happy. Breakfast again was Bread/nutella/peanut/kaya. The first game for that day was supposed to be this pool game, but with soccer balls and the “cue”. GLs realised it wasnt fun to play this under the glaring hot sun, thus, they changed to Poison ball. I was out after sometime, followed by H and W. After that, we played this game which got me injured. LOL. I should have known earlier that getting caught earlier is a better choice. hahahah. We won the game, group 1 are losers =.=.

After the camp have officially ended, H and myself, took the EW line followed by the NE line. I dropped at Hougang, He dropped at Sengkang. Went to makan and sleep at my Grandmother House. My sister told me that i slept with my eyes open. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. LOL.

The camp wasn’t bad at all. Come on, this is their first time organising it. So many people complained. I really pity the organising committee.





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