An Outing at ECP.

Posted: June 4, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

It was tuesday the third of June. I woke up around 9am. Tried doing the ITAB homework, and realised it was disgusting. The phone rang and i pick the handset,”Hello, is this Ranson ? Ya, I’m calling from Junyuan Secondary School, your testimonial is already ready for collection, when are u free? ” before i set off to go East Coast Park for CSS gathering, i walked towards school, and collected this black file thing. 8 PAGES ! LOL.

Ok. So I made my way towards the Tampines Mall’s McDonalds and wait for AiJia. Waited close to 45 minutes i believe. While waiting for her, i went to get this BBQ Black Peppered Chicken for the Potluck. After which, we made our way down to Bedok MRT Station while we waited for Kevin. We made our way to ECP. We played Frisbee. =). We found a good shelter. Chat here chat there, talk here talk there. Time passes so fast. It was 9pm! We played UNO. Didn’t win. LOL. Valery was like learning how to ride a bike. Quite a fast learner though. Think she will be able to learn in no time. We waited till her parents arrive, before we start cycling.

Initially there were Kevin, Mark, Andrew, Alvin, Sherly, Graeme, Benedict and Myself. We rode till one end, and rode back. Rode to Bedok Jetty, and rode back. I fell for the FIRST time. This is how it happened. I was riding (probably riding too fast), i slipped off the pedal and fell. My left leg have got two patch of would. Using my palm to support myself, both my palm bled. Because of Inertia, i scratched my face too. Now my cheekbone hurts like !@#@!. We continued cycling. Not much of a problem. We decided to ride our bicycles to somewhere near the Airport, where we can see the Aircraft takeoff. Quite a long road though. We waited for like 15 mins before we see a plane above our heads. At the place where we view the plane, we saw a frog! Wow, we had a hard time looking for it because their camouflaging skill rocks. We rode back, till this shelter. The breeze was like SHIOK AH!. After a while of chatting, we saw this pack of dogs running, not one, not two, but MANY. We decided to make our way to the Jetty again. While riding, there was this path full of sand. This was where i fell for the SECOND time. It didn’t create any additional injury, but worsened my current injury. Anyway my bike number is F-74. LOL. We went to the Jetty for a good chat. It was like only 3 – 4am . We decided to go back to the Pavilion. LOL. After about 6am i believe, we rode back to the rental shop to lock up our bicycles. We took no. 16 to bedok interchange, where i changed to no. 69. I was like walking perfectly normal. Thank Goodness.

When i reach home, ard 8 plus, i slept. I woke up with my CD teacher calling me twice on my handphone. It was “Unknown”. By then i realised how painful both my wrist were. I think they fractured 0.0. You can literally hear the “crack ! ” . LOL. I’m now feeling as if i’m possessed. Feverish !  

Ok. ~


  1. pearl an says:

    ranson darling! here to say hi! long time no see ahh.. bb 🙂 hahas.

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