Posted: June 22, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Today, we will compare Catholicism with Islam. Not the typical comparing, but comparing on how Catholicism and Islam allow inventions/modernism change them.

The Catholic Charismatic Movement started not long ago. With the movement, comes Praise and Worship. Praise and Worship is a different way of praying to God.

The thing that Islam should be proud of, is that they DO NOT allow inventions/modernism to change them.

Try asking muslims to alter their Music and jumping up and down saying “God, I love You”. Yes definitely they will say yes if you are referring to personal worship. But doing that as a “Regular Practice” ?, I am quite certain that they will oppose to it.

Catholicism shouldn’t make “Praise and Worship” something “regular” in the Roman Catholic Church. Yes, once again, i wish to state that there is Nothing Wrong With PnW.

  1. Shin says:

    I’m not quite sure what’s your definition of modernism. But if your definition is mod·ern·ism
    1. modern character, tendencies, or values; adherence to or sympathy with what is modern.

    Then, I must note that you’re only partly right. Modernism doesn’t change the basic faith and practices. However, certain syariah (islamic) rules are discarded according to this new movement to modern times.

    For example, the older punishment for deliberate theft is cutting off the thief’s hand. However, the following is no longer practiced in most Islamic countries because at this time, it seemed unpractical.

    For the question of inventions and music, there are some new songs that dedicate themselves to God but with the rock version. I have no idea as to whether such new practices are religiously accepted. because this matter is still under discussion by the the committee of Islamic Scholars( Ulama’).

    Otherwise, all the basic practices ( like 5 prayers a day) and all the main faith of Islam is strictly to carry on for eternity.

    God Bless.=]

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