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Protestants ?

Posted: July 17, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Who says i hate protestants ? Well, i may sound as if i hate protestants. Nope. Not at all. We are taught to love. “Love one another as i have loved you”. God is Love. One very good way to live a life as a faithful son of God is to love and not hate.

Whenever you feel some hatred towards a person, always think of one question. “What if he/she is Christ ? “. Even if you’re a not a Christian (Be it the Orthodox and Unorthodox), this question can also be of use. Let’s say you’re a muslim, “What if he/she is Prophet Muhammad ?”

Protestants. How did protestants come about ? It all begin with Martin Luther. With Martin Luther taking the first step, people like John Calvin. Do not confuse Martin Luther with Martin Luther King Jr. Since the breakaway, many many countless denominations. Roman Catholicism isn’t a denomination of Christianity.

Try asking a protestant this “What is your religion ? ” They will say “Christianity”, naturally you will know he/she is a protestant. Continue asking this, “Which denomination of protestantism are you from ? “. A confirmed reply is “huh ?!” I think protestants don’t even know they are protestants. They will go on telling you, ” Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship with God”. haha. That is because this is how you think it is, be it true or not.  

Next attempts to ask them “Where does the Bible comes from ? ” They will say, “God”. Continue asking them, “Yes, scripture is inspired by God, but where does it come from?” . See how they reply you 😉

But yes, we must still love our Protestant brothers and sisters. I have seen many good Protestants, Who live a life of Christ. But some protestants are intolerable. It is extremely irritating to see protestants attempting to prove the Catholics or any other respectable Faiths, wrong.

Once i was sitting somewhere near Foodcourt 3 with Shin, doing some statistics online CA, when two guys from the NUS Campus Crusade (affliated with SP’s Campus Crusade) came. Guess what ? They tried to convert a Muslim. Can you believe that ? Maybe right now, you think it is still ok. Yes, wait till you listen to the whole story. They tried with certain tactics. Probably i shouldn’t use the word “tactic” but yes it is something certainly unorthodox.
First both of us were approached by that two guys mentioned above. First one attended to Shin, while the second one attended to me. Instead of telling us where they are from, they tell us they want to know about the lives of students nowadays. But at that instant, i can already tell that they are the people who engages in illegitimate proselytism.

Secondly, they took a pack of cards with different pictures in it, and ask us to pick six pictures. three to describe our current lives and another three to describe what kind of lives we want. Yes, they attempted to brainwash us by telling us that something could change our current lives to better lives.

Thirdly, they took out this brochure. Telling me about Christianity. I told them, yes, i am a baptised Christian. I continued telling them i am a Roman Catholic. He tries to explain Christianity to me as though i’m a non-practicing Christian. He started questioning me about Christianity, “Do you know about Jesus saying, I am the truth, the way and the life?” But it was a yes to every question. He ran out of questions and said, “Why not you tell me about your Catholic faith?” I took this opportunity to tell him those facts and the common questions Protestants gives to Catholic, trying to prove us wrong. Finally he said, “Oh okay, thanks for sharing” before walking away.

Yes, the other guy is still there attempting to convert Shin. They gave him bible verses like, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son…” and “I am the way, the truth and the life”, that guy followed by saying, “In this case we know Christ is the one WE should follow, so do you want to put Christianity above yourself or put yourself above Christianity”. Yes that unorthodox guy provides Shin, a Muslim, with only two options”.

I was freaking angry. I started telling that guy, “In that case, My friend over here puts his FAITH over his life/himself.” Again, he tells us, “Since Christ is the only way, would you be willing to put Christianity as part of your life and above it ? “. I got even irritated and said, “It is not fair trying to ask a muslim this question. He became MORE PERSISTENT. After a few rounds of psychological debate, he gave up. He said, “Oh, okayyyy.. thank you for your time”.

That is freaking wrong. It even occurs in School. Why is Singapore Polytechnic allowing such people to do such activities in a School ?

Yes, One of our Job as Christians is to evangelise, but not to resort to such “tactics”. Pope Benedict once mentions that the Church with the Capital C, grows by its beauty too. 

Dear friends, do remember that a fuzzy feeling doesn’t indicate God’s presence.