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Posted: October 9, 2008 by piusranson in Mass, Roman Catholicism, Uncategorized

Adapted from Flickr, Lawrence OP.

Now now, THIS is what i call glorifying God and not building titanium churches or even having Catholic priest altering mass texts. I can even smell that incense just by looking at the picture. and NO! this is not an auditorium =)

Some of you might tell me …hey there is no need for stain glass church…awe inspiring architecture to glorify God. yes yes my friends. These evoke the sense of sacredness, solemness quietness which leads us to prayer and not the jump jump fun fun atmosphere. God is found in quietness. Want to find God amidst fast-paced songs? find God amidst songs with forceful beats? Go ahead and do it. I can’t stop you from pleasing yourself rather than God.

Always talking about “Christianity is a relationship with God” ? Yes precisely! it is not about a fuzzy feeling that creates the relationship. It is about a God-man-God communication in silence of cause.

Now and then,  i will ask others, “Do you like protestants trying to CONVINCE you to go to their church? what would your respond be if they ever approach you again”. Most of them say they will scold them, punch them and whatever you can think of. haha. Normally to proselytise, they will use the same kind of tactics like, “eh…come to my church la…very fun de…meet alot of friends de.” OR ” Hey want come barbeque this sunday? ” They wont even tell you it is church -related! =S

Anyway didn’t intend to blog. But after browsing through Ian’s blog which shows this Eucharist and Missal picture which proves that flickr does have damn good pictures. I went to find. Initial search wasn’t very Good but i continued searching for those posted by religious. Ah ha! Just the right one for my blog. haha.

Pax Christi


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