A Story with A hidden meaning

Posted: October 16, 2008 by piusranson in Mass, Roman Catholicism

Recently i saw this video on youtube about Apologetics Class. This Apologist was telling the students the following story which i thought was very meaningful !

The story goes something like this ~ :

Once, there is a woman who feels pain all over her body, everywhere she touches. She touched her head,”Ouch!” then, she touched her right earlob, “Ouch!” She went to visit the doctor. The doctor said, “Alright i shall check for you”. Within seconds, the doctor replied “There is actually nothing wrong with your body but just one thing … you have a broken finger”. 3

Why did the woman thought of visiting the doctor? Yes, because he is a “source of authority”. Just like in the Church. we have the Magisterium. We do interpret/assume/diagnose things regarding religion ourselves! Yes i am talking about the bible as well.

Is it the Church that created the Bible or is it the Bible that created the church ? Talking about this simply reminds me how easy it is to build a new “church”. Yes you simply need a bible. But the same people who build new churches even though they claim to be the ONE Church that Christ desires, took out the seven deuterocanonical books! Yes because it contradicts their faith.

Every man possesses a kind of true-self that thirsts for God. Just like how you cry out “O, My God”. Human tend to hide the true self and show the false self that Thomas Merton is talking about. This thirst of God requires people to SEARCH for the truth. How do you know if the church you attend is THE church of God? Yes, you have to SEARCH. Refusing to search for the truth simply tells alot about oneself. They don’t care.

“new churches” just follow their founder’s beliefs! No ?

I just read the news on catholic.org, they were talking about the current words for ending mass is “Ite, Missa Est”. I tell you, for the masses i have gone since the beginning of this year, none of them mentioned “The mass has ended”. It is simply, “Go in peace to love and serve the Lord”. I think the Singapore Archdiocese needs to be more…..hmm….Caring for the people. =)

Pax et bonum,


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