The three days

Posted: November 1, 2008 by piusranson in Life, Roman Catholicism, School

Yes, yesterday was All Hallows’ Eve a.k.a Halloween, a day where Catholics keep vigil for All Hallows’ Day a.ka All Saints’ Day! In certain countries, Halloween is like a Big big event where they have trick or treats kind of thing. Singapore hmm, yes maybe you’d only find that kind of thing in places like Zouk.

Woke up freakin’ early today (ok la..everyday also same time haha) because apparently our ITAB2 teacher wanted to conduct make up classes. Oh! Vishal is like playing the froggy game throughout ITAB2 lesson and was convincing me to play. Well, in fact i did when i got home, no it is not easy and he managed to reach level 50 or something. Sheesh! Had a break and went to buy banana zui, my favourite juice of allll time. If banana zui is available in FC6, i would buy that so long i step in FC6. Bananas in FC6 is really expensive. 40 Cents! *Oh i hate fate*

Went for Accounting lesson. I totally couldn’t understand what on earth Mrs Sharon Tan was teaching for the disposal of assets. Thank goodness Cheryl did help me with my Accounting homework. It was break time and i had a horrible lunch eating the thai food. GEM time! Everyweek i await for this lesson. rofl. Yeah, Better pronunciation for better speech. Button is pronounced Butt-en and no drawer is not pronounced draw-wer, it is Draw’ er. K la, im sure my other 4 classmates in the same module had fun too.

Ok it is MOB TIME! We need to do this egg thingy. yeah. failed. sad. It costs us FIVE PERCENT. haha. sian right? but had a great time planning and doing it too. so ya. haha. I wasn’t concentrating cause thinking how to ‘surprise’ Theresa. Two days ago i was still in a dilemma on what to get for Theresa. Few of us even asked huiying to fakingly(sic) ask what’s theresa’s favourite flavour of cookie so that we’ll know what cake to get. I don’t even know what present to buy. Thank goodness, theresa had this updated wishlist thing. hahahahahaha and thank goodness, yanlin and xiuhui’s GEM cancelled. They went to get the present. Everything went well. =). Remember to pay me money ah! hahahaha. Who’s next ? I think i can’t keep asking people to contribute to presents la..kind of…bad. yeah. k.

Today! It is ALL SAINTS DAY! Omnes Sancti Angeli et Archangeli, Orate pro nobis! I went to Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary for Mass. Fr. Bill Heng was there. Surprisingly i did reflect on his homily. Surprisingly there is no Litany of the Saints. Sad.

Now im just awaiting ALL SOULS DAY!

Requiem æternam dona eis, Domine. Et lux perpetua leceat eis. Requiescant in Pace. Amen. Blessed mother, please plead for us to your dear son, to save the souls in purgatory. Gratias tibi.

Per Christum Dominum Nostrum,

  1. cheryl says:

    Banana juice sounds scary to me =X
    JY for accounting! =D

  2. yunyr91 says:

    Banana juice, the nicest thing on earth !

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