3th november 08

Posted: November 3, 2008 by piusranson in Life, School

Dear all,

today i went to school slightly late. 8.20am. LOL. well because my usual time of arrival is before 8am and why on earth am i proud of that =.=. Yes it is tiring! But i think going to school early at 8am gives me ample time to do my homework. Yeah, finish those that i have not complete over the weekend.

Oh yes, speaking about homework, i realise i can never complete a homework by myself ! Accounts was done with Cheryl’s great help ( i wrote this on purpose lawls..so she sees me crediting her twice). Econs was done with the help of Xiuhui. argh. It is not going to be easy this semester. And i think completing homeworks over weekend is a good habit ! That is because you can chat on the MSN messenger on the weekdays. Finished MOB this morning with the help of … ? haiya i scared third time damn overdoing haha.

First lesson was by Jansen. Well quite interesting though with his travel stories. I’ve got a feeling he told those stories because he knew the class was alittle boring. I HAVE CRITICAL REASONING ASSESSMENT NEXT WEEK. I think i’m choosing the topic of Abortion though the article i have to argue on is quite badly written but i think that is the topic i’m most comfortable with. So comfortable i had a chat with Syakir and HT on abortion and euthanasia.

Second lesson, yeah another “Don’t call me **** because it is reserved for my loved ones” lesson. Ms Access is not easy, well, easy on the techniques and skills but ya, tedious. Every monday we have to endure three hours of non-stop ITAB. During break time i went to the canteen. *Again i hate fate*. Realised FC6 indeed have banana zui but not as nice as FC3’s banana zui. I think over at FC3, they added some nicotine or something to induce my addiction in theirs. My banana zui fell from my desk and there goes my 1.10. Anyway, rest well adeline! Don’t overwork.

Since the start of the new semester, i think there are changes within the class’ unity kind of thing. Did a few analysis on certain classmates. I shall say some. muahaha. Huahan is the only person in my entire life that i don’t understand a single bit. haha. He loves to play psychological game. Meshach ah..hmm he can’t multitask. well im not saying he can’t multitask but just that he is realllly bad at it. Do you all remember the fight ? we know who is humble and who is not.

Alright. Tata for now.

Per Christum Dominum Nostrum,

  1. cheryl says:

    omg x3 for the banana zui. Next time mind giving me try a sip of it, though i think i will 99.9% dun like it XD

  2. yunyr91 says:


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