Show some reverence

Posted: January 8, 2009 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Notice how Christians worship God now? Protestants, no worries, im not just talking about you. Catholics as well. I strongly feel that what people are doing now are just so trying-to-please-themselves-more-than-pleasing-God. I think that even Buddhists, Taoists or even Muslims commands more respect from freethinkers than us Christians. Let me show you how rude we can get with God.

Scenario 1

A group of people have an appointment with the King, and so, they went to his palace. They acknowledge their king. The king tells them there is no need for such formality since they are friends. They began calling the King by name…putting their arms around his shoulders…talking loudly in front of him..making LOUD NOISES. Tell me, would you really do the same as this group of people or would you rather continue showing the respect due to the King even though he is your friend ?

Think about your actions with those jumpings, those crazy hoo-has, those drums, those erratic behaviour, those psychologically-linked behaviours.


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