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papabenGood morning! Anyway i saw this picture when i reading and i fell in love with the picture. I don’t know what papa ben is wearing actually. But according to , it is called the Ferraiuolo. I might be wrong though. LOL.

I realised people have been saying that Vatican is rich and stuff. Yes, the Vatican is only rich in assets. So why don’t the Vatican sells their precious assets and help the poor? No it can’t do that. You might as well ask the Roman Catholic Church to sell off all their precious documents. Do you think the Church founded by Christ himself will still exist?

For every single thing in the Church, there is meaning behind it. Everything in the Church has got meaning. Oh yes, Church here doesn’t refer to the Physical Building.

I’m glad Pope Benedict XVI is bringing back the treasures of the Church.

Btw, his red shoes remind me of my red shoes.

Per Christum Dominum Nostrum.


24th March 2009

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Good day everyone.

Didn’t know what to type for my title so i just put today’s date into it. Well well, i guess it has been 2 months or more since i last wrote a post for this weblog. Now i am in the midst of my holidays. Many things happened. New responsibility in the Catholic Students’ Society. Exam results is out. How is my exam results? Hmm, Satisfactory because i would get As and Distinction for modules with low credit units but B and B+ for modules with high credit units.

Something annoying came to my mind yesterday and i’m not afraid to say it. Do you know how many protestant clubs are there in Singapore Polytechnic? FOUR. How many Catholic Clubs are there? ONE. How many Buddhist Clubs are there? ONE. How many Muslims club are there? ZERO. How can?! I don’t know but Islam deserve a club in Singapore Polytechnic. Let’s say i am a Muslim and i need somewhere to pray. A club would be a good place and appropriate place. Why Singapore Polytechnic didn’t have it? Probably the SPSU is useless enough.

Anyway, i bought my Douey Rheims Bible. It is my FIRST bible and i’m proud to say that it has the most accurate translation. Not bibles whose translation are done to cater to youths et cetera. Didn’t believe it is my first? It is! I bought it with my own money. In fact, no one gives me money to buy my own stuff. Bought a wallet, bible, 4 tshirts, 1 pair of shoes.

Anyway 2 days ago, i received this phamplet by this church at my door. !??! The next time they do it again i am going to report to the police, write to the Minister of Parliament and to the Prime Minister’s Office. How dare they! Don’t they know how offensive it is? You guys want to land up in a situation like the Jehovah Witnesses? This reminds me of the Campus Crusade ministry trying to spread religion in a campus. If you all don’t know how to evangelise, don’t do it! I am seriously going to write to the Principal of Singapore Polytechnic.

Evangelising, is not forcing people till they have no choice. It is also not about convincing people with your false facts. It is presenting them with Facts and letting them consider. Do it with LOVE.


Per Christum Dominum Nostrum