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Money, Money, Money
It’s so funny~ ~ !!

In economics, we learn that Money is a form of stored value, standard of deferred payment, unit of account. medium of exchange? Money, have we ever wondered why Money was created?  Why can’t we use chicken, cow, duck, cockroaches just like how people exchange for stuff. Barter Trade that is.

Money is indeed the root of all evil. Money makes us do crazy things. Things we would never expect ourselves to do, that is if we examine our conscience. Money makes even people of God crazy.

Money makes a Catholic Priest embezzle church funds. Well i think because the Monthly allowance for Catholic Priest doesn’t even make up 1 percent of what protestant pastors earn. Was is 300 ? or 400. Oh yes, and money is so important that protestant church council have to set aside a sum of money for their leader because he ought to get it since he brings in so much money. Money is so important that churches, with the small c, are turning their focus to building a shopping mall. How cool is that? not cool at all.

Why should we be slaves to money? We cry over money, we giggle over money, we fight over money. Money sure knows how to lead us astray. Yes, i know money is important. Let’s say we owe the bank money, we are in huge debt. So how? WORK and don’t complain lah. What if you go bankrupt? Find new ways to start life afresh and stop kao pei kao bu lah! Teenagers really need to work in the holidays? Would they die if they don’t? If you think about it, no, they won’t die. They are trying to save up money for fear that they might not be able to earn enough to support themselves in the future? Your parents gave you money to study properly so that they know when they retire they will be able to get money from you after you work in a job that you earned thru your education by your hardwork!

Religious organisations really know how to twist stories and make people believe, yes, DONATE. Come give us 10% of your pay. Good tidings eh.

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