Posted: April 3, 2009 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Ok, i was reading this comment to a blogpost by this person on stomp.

It was talking about Vatican’s rules and regulations, the Pope contradicting even the medical journals on the issue of condom use. They are protestants. Now now, every wondered why most of my posts are about protestants? No i don’t attack protestants, i’m defending my faith with those protestant bashings. Now i understand why there is a group in facebook called, “against protestants constantly bashing catholics” or something.

First of all, you may be asking, why should we listen to the vatican, why should we listen to the Pope. why is he right, Why the Pope and not the bible.


When we say The Church, we mean the Roman Catholic Church, if you don’t get why the Roman Catholic Church is the Early Church, find out. The Church comes first. With the Church, comes the bible. I have heard ridiculous stuff from protestants of where the bible comes from. “Oh! From God”. Ok i know it is from God, but it doesnt just drop from heaven, does it? I’m sorry if your pastor doesn’t teach you about where the bible comes from.

This Church is founded by Jesus who decides that Peter will lead the Church. Whatever he binds on earth will be bounded in heaven. The Church councils make sure that we, the People of God interprets the bible in the way it should be interpreted. The Pope is wrong about the condom issue? It contradicts the medical journal? For goodness sake, even the smartest guy on earth can go wrong. Ethically wrong, medically wrong, morally wrong. Are people just freaking lazy to teach about Abstinence? Is it so damn difficult?

The same person who gave the comment said something like, rome says we will go to hell. Ok this topic is about the Catholic Dogma of the EENS, Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus. It literally means, “Outside the Church, there is no salvation”. The second vatican ecumenical council has explained that, no, it doesn’t mean that if you’re not Catholic, you will go hell. The dogma has been going on for many years, through the many popes. This dogma remains true in the past, now and forever will be. For a person who have no knowledge about the truth in Catholicism and yet do good deeds, good works, would they go hell? NO! They won’t. Definitely not. By the way, Protestant doctrine teaches us that Faith Without Good works can bring you to heaven. In other words, by saying I LOVE JESUS, they think they will confirm go to heaven. However, if one knows the truth that Catholicism brings, that the only Church founded by Jesus brings, but still, ‘outside the church’, yes these people’s souls are damned. BUT! Ultimately, the one that judges is the you know who. The Church is there with its dogma and doctrines that GUIDES US. God gave us freedom and a brain. Use it.

Ok, something hilarious that Valery just brought up to me. I think the same person mentioned about how catholics have to work for our forgiveness i.e. through penance and confessions etc, and he said, “why waste Jesus’ death? Like he die for us for nothing”. THIS IS HILARIOUS. If you are a protestant and you’re reading this, think about it. Isn’t what he said, ridiculous?

Mary is mentioned only afew times in the bible. Hey guys, do you expect every second of Jesus and Mary’s life to be in the Bible ? Remember that the Church comes first, not the bible. In John’s Gospel, Jesus tells john when he is hung up on the cross, “Behold your mother”. Does that mean anything to you? This three words meant alot. Just think about it.


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