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Last week, as i was travelling on the Mass Rapid Transit Train, i saw a guy reading this book. I happen to see what he was actually reading. The book actually talks about everyone on earth is given the authority to interpret the Bible themselves and God gave us this book so that we read we can understand it just by reading it and trying to figure out what it means with the spirit in us.

This doesn’t make sense. Does it ? First of all, this book is not a storybook. It is a compilations of Holy texts/Scriptures or the Divine Library (as St. Jerome calls it). The Bible came from the Catholic Church, when the Church Council compiled them but protestants removed the 7 books from the Bible. Why? Because it opposes their beliefs of course. They call it the Apocryphas, Catholics call it the deuterocanonicals. Many protestant sites have dismissed claims that it came from the Catholic Church.

They know it comes from the old Church, but many doesnt know the “Old Church” is the now, Roman Catholic Church. Why they didnt know? Because it wasnt called the Roman Catholic Church then. You may then ask, how would we know the organisation that decides what books to put into the Bible is the same organisation called the Roman Catholic Church? Simple, Pope successes another Pope after they die right? (Pope Benedict XVI the 265th Pope). Yes, it is the same body that is governed by the Pope.

Why do we need the Roman Catholic Church’s Magisterium to interpret the Holy Scriptures for us? Well, because we don’t employ protestant’s doctrine of Sola Scriptura, aka, Only Bible. Since the Bible comes from the one Church, we have both Oral Tradition and Scriptures. You see, from the time of Jesus, Mary was so honoured by people (remember mary telling John to behold his Mother in the Gospel?) but bible-only protestants said that since the bible doesnt write much about Mary, Mother of Jesus, Mary shouldnt be honoured like how Catholics are honoring her. We can never thank her enough for allowing God to be reincarnated through her Virgin Womb, by her FIAT, her submission to God’s will through the Angel Gabriel.

Mary’s fiat :

And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her. dixit autem Maria ecce ancilla Domini fiat mihi secundum verbum tuum et discessit ab illa angelus

Oral Tradition and Sacred Scripture works together. Without one, the teaching of the faith is not complete. You see how protestants independently interpret scriptures to whatever comes to their mind ? This was one cause of the division of protestants among protestants.

One thing that Catholics can be proud of is that wherever we may be. United States, Zimbabwe, Singapore, all the Parishes/ non-Parish Churches teaches and proclaims the same faith, the same teachings. Because we are ONE BODY.

  1. DOTTT says:

    We are one body, one body in Christ, and we do not stand alone…. (And we do not stand alonnnnneeee)!!

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