An Evening with Fr. Antoine Thomas

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An Evening with Fr. Antoine Thomas, Community of St. John.
23rd April 2010
7.30pm – 10.30pm
Catholic Archdiocesan Youth Centre
Archdiocese of Singapore

It was April, Friday the 23rd. A day of the week where I have only one lesson. I was invited to this event by Brother Joshua Mark Teoh, the day before. During the late afternoon lunch, I was suggesting if we could just give this event a miss. Thankfully, with praises to the Lord, I went. I learnt much. Brother Keenan drove myself, Brother Joshua, Brother Kenneth and Brother Robin, there to the CAYC.

Upon reaching, we saw Rev. Fr. Brian d’ Souza and Rev. Fr. Gerard Louis, C.Ss.R. How great it would be to see them in their cassocks or roman collars, but no. I don’t think if priests wear their Roman Collar or Cassock, it’s being flashy or trying to show off. It’s more of, telling the people, “I’m a Catholic Priest, I’m on God’s Mission”, and wearing that Cassock or Roman Collar constantly reminds the priest of his role and to remind him of his priestly responsibilities.

Fr. Antoine related to us that he was someone who loves climbing, loves skiing and loves windsurfing. Once an Old Priest asked him into the Sacristy and shocked him with a question like this, “Have you thought about becoming a Catholic Priest”. That’s when Fr. Antoine started thinking about the Ministerial Priesthood. Before that, it was just “French Girls”.

There are many things that Fr. Antoine mentioned but the following would be some of them that I can remember because they’re worth remembering.

How many times do we take out our cellphones or other electronic devices, just to chat with friends, text message, and check for emails ? Father said only once a month, he will have online chat with his fellow brothers in the same community at different parts of the world. How about, instead of using our precious time for useless text messaging and online chats, we use the same amount of time on the Word of God.

Father Antoine also mentioned about creating a little prayer corner, an oratory, in our room! I shall try doing that. =D

Do we prefer to read the Good News or the Bad News, asked Fr. Antoine.

Besides the playful ones saying “Bad News!”, everyone said, “Good News!” The Bad news will be the newspapers! esp. Tabloid newspapers! Good News will have to be the Bible of course! Why pay so much for the bad news when you can read the Good News and it’s for free!

Every time Father climbs the mountain, he would celebrate Mass, and he mentioned to us that the Eucharist is really the climax of the climb. When Father mentioned this, i thought of the picture on the right.

Just before the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, Father taught us certain postures before the Blessed Sacrament. When we kneel, half of our body is gone, we lose half of ourselves. We lowered ourselves in the presence of God. I was reminded of kneeling for communion. 🙂

More about the Community of St. John –

That’s one more Religious Order to consider!

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Pax Domini sit semper Vobis !

  1. dollyyyy says:

    haha, alright, thanks! ^^ i like how you linked me, as in the name, dolly maria immaculata, haha!

  2. Fr. Jerzy Chrzczonowicz says:

    How can I contact Fr. Antoine?

    • yunyr91 says:

      Hello Father,

      I’m not to sure about this. Perhaps you can try contacting him via his Community’s Website?

      God Bless!

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