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Biology Laboratory!

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Alright. Now for Biology we shall do … … Test if MAN breathes out carbon dioxide ! Dumb experiment.


If that pinkish purple looking thing turns Orange/Yellow, CO² is present “)

Coming up next: A self-made experiment which is neither Biology, Chemistry or Physics!

Step 1: Add iodine into a beaker of SODIUM HYDROXIDE! ( if i’m not mistaken )

Step 2: See the effects for yourself!



School’s not boring somehow :)

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What makes up the Catholic Church?

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The Catholic Church – with the capital C – is basically made up of :

1) The Papacy – The Pope is indeed not called pope, until much later. St. Peter is referred in the Bible as the “Rock” or “Shepherd”. Christ handed him the [keys] to the Kingdom of heaven.

2) The Eucharist – This is the true body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ tells his apostles to take and eat it for this is his body which is given for them in memory of him. This is definitely not simply Memorial! Who for love of us would do that?

3) Mother Mary – She is definitely not mentioned many times in the Bible. “Behold your mother”,”Behold you Son”. These are the words which tells alot about Mary.

Its my life again. LOL

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Alright today had been bad and good. More to bad. Thats all.


This is Someone acting very cute with a…..CAT!


Life has been Bad for me. But i see a great light in front of me. Today i dreamt in the afternoon. I dreamt of myself living in a hostel/dormitory or something. Its double storey. Wierd. Why am i doing there? St. Joseph, help me to solve this mystery. Life’s Good !~