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Professor Chao Tzee Cheng

Posted: March 31, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

Yes, i am only at a very young age, when the well-loved, well-respected, bespectacled, Professor Chao passed away in Feb2000.

He was a Forensic Pathologist. Solved many great cases, so much so that, I wanna be like him next time.

I have a hard time looking for his book <<Murder is my business>>

Know more about him at:


Thank God I’m not a Protestant.

Posted: March 31, 2008 by piusranson in Uncategorized

For the past years, i have been telling God, “Thank you for making me NOT a protestant, i am very very thankful for that. =D”.

It’s extremely irritating, to have a protestant, approaching you , telling you Catholicism isn’t at all true.

Seen protestant leaders driving big cars? I’m sure you know about them. With all their proclaimation of “When you donate more, God will reward you more” theory.

I rather die than to be a Protestant.


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Once again, a year have passed. It started with Ash Wednesday, where the priests/ministers mark a cross with Ash on the people’s forehead, to remind us that WE are dust and unto dust WE shall return! Sometimes the priest/ministers will say: “Dust you are and unto dust you shall return” or something like, “Repent! and turn away from sin”. Well, thats because Lent is a period of repenting and reconciliation, in preparation for Easter.

Then came Palm Sunday, Where we waved our palms in commemoration of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Is it jerusalem? or am i wrong?. Of cause, and singing Hossana! I guess we Catholics feel proud on this day somehow whenever you see another person holding palms on the bus, interchange, et cetera, cause you know he/she is Catholic!

Following that is Maundy Thursday!!! Where we celebrate the reinstitution of the eucharist. Where Christ had his passover. I think it is a day of the stripping of the altar, right? and on that day of every year, the Archbishop will hold the chrism mass in one of the Parish.

Good Friday! Yeah no meat! It is the LAW. The CANON LAW! The Celebrant will always exclaim, “Behold the wood of the cross” or in Latin, “ecce crucem domini! ”

Now we are left with Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Can’t wait for the Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday!

Where is Mr. Selamat ?

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Have you seen this man ? Yes, the police have been looking ALL over for him. He escaped from the detention centre located in Whitley Road, Singapore. When i get to know about this, my first response was, “You mean this kind of thing can even happen in this high technology, well developed Singapore ? In fact, alot of people have been speculating that it is a conspiracy theory and all that. Well, i guess we will never know the truth ^^ .

Below are just PURE GUESSES, with no prove, on how he actually escaped/disappeared.

1) The government delibrately allowed him to escaped, so as to not offend the community of his.

2) The government allowed him to escaped, placed a tracking device on his body, and are just waiting for him to meet up with his fellow friends, which will allow the police to capture them swiftly.

3) The police was torturing him, and accidentally killed him in the process. The government began to be afraid of his organisation, and thus cook up a story, and later, the police will announce that a body had been found, and that it is of Mr Selamat’s. If Mr. Selamat’s organisation found out that it is the police who killed him, Singapore will sure be in danger =D . (Hey i said it is pure guess! )

4) Mr. Selamat, had a tracking device, already in his body, thus allowing his buddies to know his whereabouts, and assist in rescuing him from that detention centre.

5) The police are really not working at the time of his escaped, in other words they jia zhua/ slacking.

6) Mr. Selamat bribed them with money. (which is quite impossible to me)

7) Mr. Selamat really escaped with his intelligence, thru a toilet, yes thru a toilet. LOL

8) Mr. Selamat watched too much of Prison Break.

9) The government let him go, and capture him back, to prove Singapore’s powerful Police Force. =D

10) Too many people looked like him (eh quite true seh)

11) He stole a police uniform (maybe a police was changing in the toilet too), and ran away without much haste.

12) Singapore police wasn’t paid enough, and they allowed him to go on purpose.

What do you think ?


This is cool !

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Compare the two videos. I guess the creator did a great job.

This is the original

This is the Lego version