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Ok. Myself have not seen this blog for ‘ages’ . Well, was in China from the 4th to the 10th. On the day of Departure to Kunming, i was amazed how small a commercial plane could be ( well, that’s because i have not really seen one, i experienced only the bigger ones like the Boeing 747. Alright, i am sad to say the service on-board China Eastern Airlines is poor ( Ratings 4/10 ). Singapore Airlines’ Service is much better.

Well, expected it to be colder but it was like cold but not so cold. Didn’t sleep much on the plane as the leg-rest wasn’t available. lols! Greeted by the tour guide, before going to a Park. Ya Ya, i know Singapore also have park, but what is interesting is, it is a big park with birds that fly here for the winter season. Basically i have forgotten what is next. Girls in KMG was called “Ah1 Shi1 Ma3” and the guys there are called “Ah1 Hei1 Ge1”

After Kunming, was a 5 hrs journey to Dali. Didn’t know why they bring us to this big ball, which is said to be the highest place in the city. Oh ya, Silver is what you can buy there, not the 925 silver which contains 25% of silver, but the 999 silver. It’s true but beware of imitation. 99%. Can you imagined it? Moreover, it is so bloody CHEAP. Lesson learnt: never buy 925 silver, because the companies earn big bucks easily. In Dali, girls are called “Jin1 Hua1” and the guys are called “Ah1 Peng2 Ge1”.

Next was the city of LiJiang, i have forgotten what lijiang is famous for. In Lijiang, girls are called, “Pang4 Jin1 Mei4” and Guys are called “Pang4 Jin1 Ge1”. The interesting thing in LiJiang is that we stayed at a villa, where we have a maid! Cool Huh?

Headed to Shangri-La next, well, the tour leaders encouraged everyone to prepare “Oxygen”. I think this is a scam to earn money. They claimed that in Shangri-la because of the high altitude, your body will have some illnesses appearing due to high altitudes. So, everyone followed suit, breathing in what is called “Yang qi”, when we don’t even know what we are breathing in. We then took a domestic flight back to Kunming, before going towards ShiLin (Stone Forest). Overall i rate this trip 7.9/10.

Went to malaysia, KL, on the 18th. Travelled, by “Airebus”, a sucky service. Stayed at Cititel Hotel, located in the Mid-Valley Megamall. Shopped, but seriously don’t know why we shopped there as the price is like similar to Singapore’s. Shopped at Times Square..and er…Pavilion! Alright christmas is approaching.

Dearest Mother of my God. Thank you for leading us always to your son. Without you, there is no God. Let the Abraham’s descendants raise your dignity so that Jesus may be as important as you. Let people who doesn’t believe in your importance, be awaken, in the light of Christmas.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now, and at the hour of our death, Amen.