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*Holy Week*

Posted: April 16, 2006 by piusranson in Uncategorized

It started of with Maundy Thursday. Well, that night i didnt go out. Some went church visiting. Its the night of the passover. Jesus borrowed a room, to have his last supper with his disciples.

Then came, Good Friday. This day we celebrate the Lord’s Passion. I attended the 12.30 mass. Well, there was no opening hymn for the mass. After that was a few readings from the book of Isaiah and the Letter to the Hebrews.

Following up was the Veneration of the Cross. Father Johnson brought in the Crucifix, ” Behold the wood of the cross..on which hung the saviour of the world. ” Gospel reading was according to Saint John. The father told us that because of safety precautions due to the HFMD, we were not allowed to kiss the crucifix, but to either genuflect or bow deeply. After the Mass, it was raining heavily. Everyone was stuck inside the Parish. My sister told me that every year during Good Friday, at around ± 3pm, it will definitely rain.

Just yesterday, was Easter Vigil. The mass was at 7.30. The parish was dimly lited. It started of with the Catechumens and the candidates going down to the carpark for the dunnoe wad fire thingy. Then the Father Johnson, Father Bosco, Father Bruno, Father Timothy came in to celebrate the mass. They walked in with the Paschal Candle. The mass commences with the service of light. It was so beautiful in the hall. As usual there were readings, not 2, but many, and about 3 responsorial Psalms. Haha, then came the highlight of the mass. BAPTISM. The candidates and the catechumens recieved their Baptism. Father timothy blessed the water by saying/singing, a long long long long long prayer. The baptism started, one by one, they went into the pool. The congregation was so active. Everyone was clapping and cheering loudly for them as they were dead and after that, resurrected with a new soul. Following up was the Renewal of baptism. Once again, we lited up our candles. After everything, Father Johnson thanked everyone who made the mass on the holy week, possible. Suddenly, Father John Bosco came up to the mic saying, ” Wahhh Father Johnson remembered to thank everyone, but he had forgotten to thank himself!”.

Today is Easter Sunday. Later going to church to celebrate. I hope the celebrant was F. Bosco. haha. alright. Stop here now.


090406 Passion Sunday

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Today, the church celebrates Passion ( palm ) Sunday.This day, the people proclaimed him the king. They welcomed him with palms and exclaiming “Hossana!” It marks the start of the holy week. Easter Sunday is next week.

Woke up at bout 10 in the morning, ate lunch, and leave the house for the Parish at 12pm. The church was very crowded. i went to the desk to take 4palms. Went up and sit near the choir again. The passion reading was very long. We had to stand for 10 mins like that. Very tiring indeed.

After mass, took a bus down to PRIME supermarket to meet Samantha, Meiyi and Deli. We went to buy our stuff for INE project. We also went to buy cards for Mrs Kavitha who will be left us just now at 8.30pm.

After that, Samatha all these people have to go back home. So i slowly made my way to Tanah Merah MRT station to wait for the rest who are going to the airport to send mrs Kavitha off. Reached the airport at 7 bahz. People from 3e3 who went are: Samantha, Ranson, Mei Yi, DeLi, YongKeong, Ron, Delaila, Tiffany, Suhui and of cause Sharfirin!!!!. LoLx. Alot people was there sia. Its lik as if we are sending off a movie star. HaHa. Mrs Mohan and Mrs Haniff was there. Took many many pictures.

HahA. YEAHHH!! now pass 12am liaoz….so todae is HOLY MONDAY!. May almighty god bless this week as we prepare for easter!


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” Write an essay based on HAPPINESS “

Happiness is what everyone of us yearns to get. Isn’t it?

She was raised up in a wealthy family. She need not fret over what to eat or what to wear. Catherine was often see having a frowning face. Nobody knew why. There was something missing from her life. But she did not know what it was.

During Catherine’s secondary school life she met a guy, Sebastian. From that onwards, they went out together, fearing being found out by their parents. Their relationship lasted until one day. Catherine and her family was having their dinner. Her father then suddenly told her that she is going to marry a guy, a son of a wealthy family. Catherine’s father expected her to be happy. She was not. She cried and ran back into her room. Her father was shocked. He was not very happy aboout that.

The next day, her father went asking her what actually was going on. Catherine honestly told him about Sebastian. Her father learned that Sebastian was a poor guy and not someone from a wealthy family. Her father told her she have to marry someone of the same family status. That was a family tradition. She scolded her father for not giving her happiness. Her father had no choice but to let Catherine marry Sebastian. Catherine, for the first time experienced true happiness from then on.